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history of counterpain

[wrote on peaceful yesterday...]

Once upon a time, there are counterpains in my medical box along with many bottles of Fludexin syrup, Paracetol syrup, Paracetamol syrup, OBH (I can't drink (or eat?) tablets or capsules) and other medicines, which is always supplied by Mom. When I lived with Miwa (my babysitter, hihi!), the counterpain is used all the time by her. Every night, I sniffed its smell--and being angry with that--and thought, "Poor Miwa, she couldn't live without counterpain, hhh...old lady (dasar tua)!". Now I haven't lived with Miwa again, so the counterpain has been neglected on my case for about 1 year.

But todays, sleeping is no longer effective for reducing my weary body (thx for IF ITB to let me feel this -_-;). And there is also no Miwa for massaging me. So I looked for another healer......counterpain. One time I use it, feels very good and warm!That is!
Now I know why Miwa was fanatic with counterpain, it's so addictive. Wahai…

why voldemort choose harry potter?

[just got something funny...]

Voldemort sedang berdiskusi dengan Wormtail...
Wormtail (W): Lord, ada dua anak yg lahir pada tanggal yg sama, sesuai dengan ramalan itu: Harry Potter dan Neville Longbottom.
Lord Voldemort (LV): Bagus. Kita singkirkan keduanya. Mana yg terdekat dari sini?
W: Godric Hollow, rumah keluarga Potter.
LV: Ya, kita ke sana sekarang. Suruh Bellatrix membereskan keluarga Longbottom.
W: Siap, Lord.
(and you all know what happened at Godric Hollow, well...sort of)
W: Lord! Anda menebak dengan tepat, ternyata the chosen one adalah Harry Potter! Lihat saja kemampuannya sebelum dia bahkan bisa jalan!
LV: iye! Tepat! Tapi gue jadi nggak berbentuk begini!! Gembeeeeeeeeeeelll! !! Bunuh diri aja gih lo!! How ironic...

http://peopleofthes tars.blogspot. com
http://indoharrypot ter.blogspot. com
http://eorlingas. multiply. com


I love Rika, but I hate Safrina part. Father said that it is my name which is combined with my father and mother's name. SAF for Safruddin, RI for Rika, and NA for Nasriah. But I still dislike this name, it's soooooooooo villages (kampungan?).

But, when I think about a suitable name for my wish URL, I agree that Safrina is more suitable and unique than Rika. So now I force myself to begin liking this name, for example by changing the title of this blog into Safrina's Blog.


Began in sunday Nov 12nd, I visited BBM (Borong Buku Murah) with Cuco and Santus, where you can have 4 books for only Rp10,000. I bought 7 books (and Cuco did 5, so the amount is still multiple of 4), Japanese comics actually. They are Friends 2-3, Silly Boy 2-3, Colourful Box 2-3 and Death Message 1. Hmmm...very-very uncomplete, right?! So I decided to search the rest in internet.

I happen to be a member of komik-elex mailing list. So, I opened my Komik folder in my Yahoo!Mail, which has been fulled with unread messages since two months ago. There are a lot of messages about selling second comics with cheap prices. Then suddenly I thought, why don't I order another comics??

So I decided to make a collection of Japanese comics from Yoko Matsumoto and Hiromi Mashiba. I have had other comics of them, and I guaranteed they make many great comics! I like the very beautiful picture of Matsumoto's comics, while Mashiba gives beautiful stories.
Since now, I have made 2 transactions in i…