22 November 2006


Began in sunday Nov 12nd, I visited BBM (Borong Buku Murah) with Cuco and Santus, where you can have 4 books for only Rp10,000. I bought 7 books (and Cuco did 5, so the amount is still multiple of 4), Japanese comics actually. They are Friends 2-3, Silly Boy 2-3, Colourful Box 2-3 and Death Message 1. Hmmm...very-very uncomplete, right?! So I decided to search the rest in internet.

I happen to be a member of komik-elex mailing list. So, I opened my Komik folder in my Yahoo!Mail, which has been fulled with unread messages since two months ago. There are a lot of messages about selling second comics with cheap prices. Then suddenly I thought, why don't I order another comics??

So I decided to make a collection of Japanese comics from Yoko Matsumoto and Hiromi Mashiba. I have had other comics of them, and I guaranteed they make many great comics! I like the very beautiful picture of Matsumoto's comics, while Mashiba gives beautiful stories.
Since now, I have made 2 transactions in internet for 8 comics (each goes for Rp5,000). They are sent to my home in Jakarta, so I haven't got them.

Searching for another transaction....


  1. hooo..
    bener Rik, ada komik 5000an??
    url nya apa Rik??

  2. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/komik-elex
    itu milisnya, baca2 aja msg nya, sering ada yg jual2 komik murah gtu ^_^

  3. kebetulan lagi senggang n baru baca2...

    boleh pinjem komiknya ga? hihihihi;))