30 November 2006

history of counterpain

[wrote on peaceful yesterday...]

Once upon a time, there are counterpains in my medical box along with many bottles of Fludexin syrup, Paracetol syrup, Paracetamol syrup, OBH (I can't drink (or eat?) tablets or capsules) and other medicines, which is always supplied by Mom. When I lived with Miwa (my babysitter, hihi!), the counterpain is used all the time by her. Every night, I sniffed its smell--and being angry with that--and thought, "Poor Miwa, she couldn't live without counterpain, hhh...old lady (dasar tua)!". Now I haven't lived with Miwa again, so the counterpain has been neglected on my case for about 1 year.

But todays, sleeping is no longer effective for reducing my weary body (thx for IF ITB to let me feel this -_-;). And there is also no Miwa for massaging me. So I looked for another healer......counterpain. One time I use it, maknyessss...it feels very good and warm!That is!
Now I know why Miwa was fanatic with counterpain, it's so addictive. Wahai counterpain pemberi semangat, pembawa kehangatan...I can't live without you right now. HAIL COUNTERPAIN!!!

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  1. Haha..., berlebihan km Rik. Gausah pake counterpain, pake balsem juga pating mak nyeees.... :D