23 November 2006


I love Rika, but I hate Safrina part. Father said that it is my name which is combined with my father and mother's name. SAF for Safruddin, RI for Rika, and NA for Nasriah. But I still dislike this name, it's soooooooooo villages (kampungan?).

But, when I think about a suitable name for my wish URL, I agree that Safrina is more suitable and unique than Rika. So now I force myself to begin liking this name, for example by changing the title of this blog into Safrina's Blog.


  1. I think it's not that bad..
    I like it..

  2. safrina christinaAugust 8, 2007 at 8:32 AM

    hi Rika..
    nice to read your blog..your last name is my first name..
    pernah saya baca, root word of safrina: sabrina, berarti princess..(^__^)or something like Legendary princess..

  3. hehehe i love my name... ^^ (hey, safrina christina, salam kenal!)

  4. Wow.. i thought my name was UnIqUE!! my name is Safrina too .. hee .. n i quiet like it..
    though i was actually named zafrin..(which i prefer) it soon came around to safrina in the passports n school certificate n all.. so had to stick wid it.. ;-P

  5. Hi, Zafrin is a very nice name and more unique than Safrina U can use it as ur stage name or something :D

    I love my name now :)
    (This posting is so last year. Now I've changed my mind)

  6. I Like it because it is Unique and because my name is Safrena. The only difference is that I have a "e" instead of an "i". I guess they might be pronounced differently but I happen to love my name and I'm very proud of it. I always get compliments on it.

  7. i think it's a beautiful name...very cool and not kampung at all...

  8. Safrina is a nice name related with Saffron
    I am going to use it as a brand name for our Saffron packages in Spain

    Soon you will see Safrina brand Saffron in Spanish supermarkets