19 December 2006

Si vs Yes

I quite often talk english with bule, at least 3 hours a week. It's in Italian course with my Italian teacher, Maurizio. I asked in english, he taught in english (sometimes in italian language), but one thing for sure is that I and other students always said Si (means Yes in Italian language) when we should said Yes.

So, when I talked with Germany bule in my Lab yesterday, I always said Si automatically when I understood what he spoke (*poking head with shame*). Hmmm but I think he knew what I meant...cause I said Si while nodding.

Btw, I'm really looking for ice cream right now (*drooling*). That's because in italian course today we discussed about foods and how to order them in ristorante. And....I don't know, when he (my teacher) said gelato (means ice cream), suddenly I have so much desire to slurp it......ohhh hail Ice cream... ice cream... ice cream...

Maybe I should go to supermarket after studying Machine Learning with Neni just a moment later... or maybe I could talk to simon that mei2 wants an ice cream so then he would buy and give it to mei2 via me as the mediator (*giggle*). Hmm slurp (*drooling while imaging the softening strawberry taste of w&lls ice cream*), sounds great to do thesis while glutting ice cream....(*dreaming*)

Oooh and about my thesis....YIPPIE, I just met my second thesis tutor there at the next Labtek. I thought he was angry or upset because I hadn't contacted him since our first meeting 2 months ago. But he is so cool, you know......slow kayak di pulow.... he's just fine with my absence and still enthusiastic to help me build my robot (this is the advantage of having a young tutor ^_*). I will meet him again two days later to discuss robot design and control technique. Sounds nyammmi, right?! (*grinned*).

Ow yeah the world, get ready for my robot!!!


  1. Haha..., finally you talk to that cute foreigner in your lab. Just curious, what (or WHO) makes you suddenly chat with him? Heuheuheu...

  2. hahaha...
    Yang pasti 'WHO' Bond!! ^o^
    dibela2in, ampe deg2an gitu :D
    eh Rik, ikutan donk kuliah bareng Mr.Ganteng itu.. :D
    [serius ni Rik. kek.kek.kek.kek.]