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Luv you, Mom!

Last saturday, I had a wonderful experience. It began with a call from my mother that woke me up on that morning day.

Mom: "I've just arrived in Bandung"
Me: "WHAT??"
I looked my room desperately. It was very messy and my mom would come in minutes.

Mom: "I've sent you a sms, telling that I would go to Bandung with my colleagues"
Me: "Yeah, I was still sleeping so I haven't read it"
Mom: "Well, I will be on the Horison Hotel. Do you know where it is? Would you go there to meet me?"

The good point is I didn't have to neat my room in a rush. But Horison Hotel??? Oh my God, it's placed somewhere in Bandung to where I rarely go. I knew it's in Buah Batu, but I didn't know exactly where the position is and I even didn't know how to get there and I would go there alone. I hate the feeling on my stomach everytime I have to be in a strange situation like this.

Mom said she was in Bandung to attend a meeting of Aceh people in Java (My mom works in Aceh Delegation Office at Jakarta). I have heard about that kind of meeting, which invites all Acehnese to meet and greet while talking each other about the situation there in our beloved country, Aceh. Aceh Culture Club of ITB (UKA) is also often invited to this meeting, so I thought it wouldn't be that bad to go to Horison Hotel since I could meet some UKA-friends there.

So, after consultating with some y!m friends (who actually didn't help me out), (thanks to) Gia and people on Buah Batu angkot (one of the public transportation that I used to go there), I arrived at Horison Hotel in an hour.

The meeting is about the situation of economy and politic in Aceh after tsunami. I didn't attend the meeting (of course because I'm not invited), and neither did my mom (she doesn't like to participate an event like this, she came to Bandung to go shopping!). We were eating and chatting and eating (again) in VIP Room, until a man came and told us that the meeting had been over and honor guests might be rest in this room. So we cleaned up our trace of eating their snacks and immediately exit the room.

I followed my mom wherever she and her friends went. And they followed the Aceh Governor wherever he went. Suddenly I saw one of my UKA-friend. I just said hi when unexpectedly my mom told that we should go.

Me: "I should go"
My UKA-friend: "Ohh, you're in the governor group...bye!"
I just nodded and smiled to him because my mom pulled my hand with compulsion. And then I realized....I am in the group of governor, the governor's accompanists (included my mom)!

I whisper my mom repeatedly, "Ma, are you sure I can be with you in this group???" She just said calmly, "Easy, relax, it's OK!" Yeah...there were 11 people who accompanied the Governor, he wouldn't realize that they became 12!

The Governor wanted to visit Abdullah Puteh, the former governor who has been prisoned for 2 years (because the corruption things) on Lapassuka Bandung. So there I was, saw Mr Puteh in his clothes like usual wears of functionaries, smiled to us wisely. He's still 'high', you know, someone to whom you give a respect. The only different is he became more thin.

Then I heard, he and the Governor talked about how to control the situation in Aceh and how to bring prosperity to the people...blablabla. Now I know how the conversation between 2 government leaders takes place.

At noon, the Governor came back to hotel so my mom and her friends could go shopping happily (hhh...woman ~_~!). We visited some FOs in Riau, Amanda Brownies and also Kartika Sari Cakeshop, which is guided by Om Rom. Om Rom is also an Acehnese and works at Aceh Delegation Office at Jakarta, but his wife is from Bandung so he has known Bandung a little bit more.

At afternoon, my mom and her friends should come back to Jakarta, while Om Rom and his wife carried me home (to my board). Om Rom is the uncle of Teuku Zacky, ex-boyfriend of Peggy-Melati-Sukma-who-got-married-yesterday, so in the car they talked about it all the time.

Om Rom: "...her bridegroom is a chinese..."
His wife: "...a half chinese and a half javanese..."
Om Rom: "...he's a director..."
His wife: "...a bank! Arta Graha bank..."
Om Rom: "...Zacky is nothing compared to him..."

Be tough, Zacky!


  1. Rik, gw juga abis ketemu nyokap wiken ini.. halah, ga penting ya?

  2. Wow..., pengalaman yang menyenangkan banget Rik? Tapi kok kayaknya judul postingnya aga ga nyambung ya? Hwehehe... Eh oom-nya Teuku Zacky ganteng ga? Kasian ya si Zacky, dicampakkan begitu aja. Derita cinta memang tiada akhir. Halah...

  3. If my mom didn't come here, I wouldn't have that experience.
    Om nya not bad lah, tapi yg jelas abangnya Zacky cakep bgt...more handsome than Zacky :p

  4. siap jadi 'governor' rika?
    Jangan jadi pemerintah ya.. jadi governor aja.. :D
    Gak nyambung yak..

  5. Rik, ur english is soooo gud...
    Ajarin sayah donk. Kasihanilah orang culun ini.

  6. Rik,, lu gak minta dikenalin ama Teuku Zacky?


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