25 February 2007

Feb 10th, 2007: The Day Before Codefest

At noon, Simon-san, Dewi-san, Roni-san, Ronny-san and I (Aqsa-san and Arya-san had gone to Bali) were briefed by Mrs Hira who suddenly said easily, "...the consumption for codefest participants haven't been prepared yet..." WHAT?! We all were surprised. We thought she had already arranged it. Please (deh) Ma'am, couldn't you tell us latter?
Thus made me spend all day googling delicious foods in Bandung for 30-40 people for 5 times eating, which had a delivery service, and didn't make the japaneses have stomachache. Hff!

Around 9pm, after hanging out in BIP for a while (actually I went there to buy snacks for the codefest participants, but Simon-san bought a black t-shirt, 'lu keren lah, mon!' :p), Simon-san, Roni-san and I were back to campus. We found Ronny-san still doing some design stuffs (good work, rondut!) and Dewi-san had already went home. Suddenly Veriyanta-san called Roni-san telling that he and the japaneses had already reached Pasteur. Woooooou panic, panic! Roni-san and I ran directly to Wisma Dago Hotel...we hadn't prepared anything! FYI, Wisma Dago Hotel is a very-not-international hotel (but it's the closest inn to ITB). Because there isn't minibar, we took the initiative to buy snacks and put them in each japaneses' room. But it was late. When we arrived at Wisma Dago Hotel, the cars entered the yard.

After hearing a short speech by Roni-san, the japaneses (there are 7 persons, I still didn't memorize their name at that time) entered their room. Here is the most embarrassing moment, Simon-san and I exactly became a servant! We brought snacks (on the small tray) to each room.

Knock knock!
The japanese opened the door. He had already took off his clothes (not all, unfortunately) and was surprised to see me, "Ups, sorry!"
I said "It's OK!" and grinned.

Knock knock!
The japanese opened the door. We gave the foods and turned back quietly. But suddenly he said something peculiar, "seramat merem!"
Ha?! Was he learning to talk or what??

Knock knock!
The japanese opened the door, "Is there any internet service?"

Obviously there were unoccupied rooms at the hotel, so we spent the night there.

Feb 11st, 2007: Codefest 1st Day

Obviously the 3 musketeers (Roni-san, Ronny-san and Simon-san) stayed up all night on the Selasar, managing the stage for Codefest Opening Ceremony today. They came back to the hotel at 4am and had to go back to campus on 7am. How a pity!

At noon, while the participants had a break, I came near to Mr Niibe to demand the cost for accommodation and transportation of the japaneses. I thought he was the coordinator, but he wasn't. He then called all japaneses to gather around me. Mak, I was encircling by japaneses....ampun! Fortunately Yohanes-san realized this situation and came directly to join this tiny meeting. Hff! ~_~;

Finally, after each japanese knew how much they have to pay, they were back to the codefest room for preparing the money. But Mr Yabuki didn't have a cash, so he asked me to accommpany him to ATM. Dag dig dug, I was almost fainted. ATM is quite far (about 15 minutes) on ITB front gate....how if I wouldn't understand his talk??
But it was just illusion (haha!). We could understand each other's talk, and I had sufficient time asking him about robotics in Japan. Since that, I hadn't been afraid again to speak english with the foreigner. Just talking, we still can use body language if being forced, right?

After delivered him back, Mr Takazawa (he was the real coordinator) asked me to accommpany another japanese, Mr Yatabe, to ATM. What?? Huhuhu cruel....I had been old....I can't stand to walk from 4th floor of Labtek V to ITB front gate, back and forth!!!

But it's OK (lah), Mr Yatabe is pretty awesome, and I had had an eye on this guy since last night! :P
While walking, he suddenly asked me where to buy Mentari voucher. He had a Jakarta Mentari number and some friends in Indonesia to be called. But there wasn't cellphone voucher shop in ITB at the weekend, so I promised him that one of the committees would look for it outside of ITB.

After delivered him back, I had a break in the secretariat place while eating Hoka Hoka Bento (hahaha yesterday I had no idea, so I ordered the japanese food for lunch today). Suddenly Mr Taka came in the room looking for me. It's very nice he came to me at the 2nd floor, eventhough I had already told him that I was the one who would come to him, to settle the expense matter. So there we were, on the Database Laboratory, counting the money together. He's very kind, friendly, cute and amusing :)

At night, after made an effort to buy a Mentari voucher for Mr Yatabe, I went home (Dewi-san had already been in my board to stay there tonight). Tomorrow, Dewi-san, Ronny-san and I were going to depart together by taxi to the Hussein Sastranegara airport at 4am. And I hadn't finished packing yet.

Feb 12nd, 2007 : The Day Before Symposium

People who departed to Bali today (at 6am by Merpati Airlines) are Dewi-san, Ronny-san, Mrs Hira, Mrs Yani and family, Mr Riza, Mr Isman (deputy of Divusi, sponsor), Mr Benhard and wife, Mr Taka, Nobuyori-san, Veriyanta-san, Anissa-san (MC) and me. We left Roni-san, Simon-san, Mrs Nelly and Yohanes-san in Bandung because they still had to manage the 2nd day of Codefest. Tomorrow, the symposium would be started, so all the seminar kits, souvenirs, and other equipments had been brought to Bali today with us.

Mrs Hira, Mr Benhard and wife, Mr Taka and Nobuyori-san went to Westin Hotel (where they stayed). Dewi-san, Mrs Yani and family, Mr Isman, Anissa-san and I went to the Swiss Grand Nusa Dua hotel (where we stayed), while Ronny-san, Mr Riza and Veriyanta-san went to Westin Hotel to put all the equipments at the secretariat place.

My group arrived at Swiss Grand at noon. It's really hot there, made me directly take a bath immediately before going to the symposium location at Westin with Dewi-san, Mrs Yani and Anissa-san. When we arrived at Westin, Aqsa the driver left directly, Mrs Yani settled the hotel check-in for some symposium participants on the receptionist desk, Dewi-san (accompanied by Anissa-san) had a talk with Maki-san about the registration things, so I was left alone at the sofas on the lobby hotel, waiting for them.

Beautiful lobby hotelSuddenly there was an old foreigner guy walking back and forth near my sit. I saw him looking at me, so I smiled. It's normal, right? But he acted so awkward. He walked farther from me but his head turned back (still) watching me with a meaningful gaze, and waved his right hand as if asking me to come to him. Suddenly, I understood what he meant, and directly I threw my face.

Maybe I was still shocked because of this old foreigner guy or too much admired this beautiful lobby hotel...because suddenly I realized that I was really left alone at the lobby. I found Dewi-san, Anissa-san and Mrs Yani had gone! I was very upset (and regretting why I didn't accept the old foreigner guy's invitation!), and straightaway sending an sms to Dewi-san angrily. About 5 minutes later, Dewi-san approached me by running helter skelter (halah!), "I'm so sorry, I thought you had already gone to the secretariat place...." I hadn't ~_~!

At night, I and the other committees had a dinner in Westin and ate too much. But, there were also too many jobs to be done. Dewi-san, Aqsa-san, Ronny-san, Arya-san and I worked there until 4am, also with Mr Benhard, Mrs Hira and some of CICC Japan Committees (Maki-san, Tomoko-san, Mr Taka and Ooki-san). It was a very long night...

Feb 13rd, 2007 : Symposium 1st Day

Because of staying up last night, I woke up late, ate only one piece of bread for breakfast :( and straightly went to Westin with all ITB Committees.
Huff, the registration desk was very chaos!! ~_~; There were many important people who got angry because I didn't know them (please deh)! There were also many carping reporters who didn't get dressed well. Hopefully we got help from Balinux people and CICC Japan Committees. Well, the core of work today is this registration session, while at noon I started to relax. Infact, my doing is only browsing the internet using Arya's notebook (there was hotspot from Telkom, sponsor), with Look the carpet...hmmm nyummy!checking the wireless connection as my accusation :P Otherwise, I just walked around the symposium area pretending to check all worked well, but actually I was looking for any cute guys! Dewi-san said that Akarawuth Tamrareang from Thailand is gorgeous, while Anissa-san thought that Katsuhiko Kaji is the cutest one. But...honestly I was more interested with Mr Taka :P

About 2pm, I got sultry! So I borrowed the key of Mrs Hira's room to take a bath there. When I came back to the symposium area, the Codefest people had arrived. It was very nice to have the servant team (tim kacung) complete again! Haha...
Dinner @ GWK
The seminar today finished at 5pm, and the participants was departed directly into Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) by buses to have a welcome dinner, host by ITB Committees. But we the servant team (also with Anissa-san) decided to go back to Swiss Grand first for changing our clothes (I really didn't want to have a dinner in a beautiful place with this train employee uniform). Fortunately I had already taken bath in Westin, because we really didn't have any time for bathing.

I love the show that night. It presented the music performance from each country. My favourite (of course) is the japanese part one, when Mr Taka (along with Tomoko-san and Maki-san) sang a funny japanese song. I couldn't stop giggling :P

At 9pm, after the show, we the servant team came back to Westin, because there were still things to do (hiks hiks!). Not like the night before when CICC Japan Committees and exhibition participants also worked late, tonight we just accompanied by Mr Riza and Mrs Hira in the symposium room. Desolate ~_~; But actually I didn't feel the desolation, because I fell asleep. Maybe it was because my only 2 hours-sleep last night and some hard activities today, I became very tired. The last thing I remembered is that I sat on the chair beside Ronny-san, waiting his notebook and Simon's printer to print slides which would be patch on the exhibition panel by me. I put my head on the desk and that's it, everything went peace.

Suddenly Dewi-san woke me up, "Rik, wake up! It's all finished, we could go home right now." I got up and found my body on the floor (there is a thick carpet, so it was very nice to sleep over it although it was dirty :p). Who the hell moved my body from up over the chair into the floor? Did I fall while sleeping? Or my body moved by itself? But Ronny-san had funnier way to sleep. He slept on the floor (just like me) with his body, hands and feet were stretched. When Aqsa-san put a glass on Ronny's hand, Ronny-san really looked like a drunken one.

Obviously, it's only Dewi-san and Arya-san who worked that night. Mrs Hira had came back to her room early, Mr Riza burned CD and slept once in a while, Simon-san and Aqsa-san went out looking for food, while Ronny-san, Roni-san and I fell asleep successfully on the floor. Yes, I've ever had a night at Westin Hotel ^_^
Finally we went back to Swiss Grand at 3am.

Feb 14th, 2007 : Symposium 2nd Day

Happy Birthday Aqsa-san, Happy Birthday Icha-san (my sister), Happy Valentine!

Today I welcomed the morning freshly. That was because I had more than 2 hours sleep last night. But I still woke up late, so I didn't have breakfast again. When arriving in Westin, I realized that I didn't have somethings to do (but Dewi-san and Ronny-san did), so why did I come here early like this?

But it's OK (lah!), the lunch in Westin is always my favourite, I could wait for that time while piercing and smiling at Mr Taka, helping Ronny-san to print certificates and nametags, talking with many foreigners, checking the wireless connection (read: browsing internet :p), walking around...hhhh it's a very peaceful day...until I fell asleep again (at noon) on sofa in the secretariat place, about 1 hour. When I woke up, there were many people in the room (Ronny-san, Roni-san, Aqsa-san and Mrs Nelly), and they found out I was drooling ~_~;

At night, we had a dinner at Angsa Putih, host by CICC Japan Committees, performanced Jegog Dance. I always love the dinner session, feel like being part of the international guests.
Ahh at that time, Mr Yatabe came to my table and asked me to dance...hahaha nope, he only asked the invoice for his payment in Bandung before.

The dinner was closed by Mr Taka's speech. God damn he's so cute!!!

Feb 15th, 2007 : Symposium 3rd Day

On this last day, the symposium was only held in a half day, so there would be no lunch at Westin. But today I had a nice breakfast at Swiss Grand. I was feeling so sad to be separated from this event, and I was trying to make some friends in this rest time (I found Nobuyori-san is very friendly too).

After helping Mrs Yani to wrap the gifts for CICC Japan Committees, I walked around the symposium room's door and registration desk, waiting Mr Taka came out from the room. My target today was having a picture with him!

Then suddenly he came. I talked to him directly, "Mr Takazawa, I want to have a picture with you..." He smiled and nodded, and I turned back to call Oka-san to picture me and Mr Taka. When I turned back, Oka-san had already been in a snapping position. Ahahahaha thanks a lot, Oka-san! You really did an awful thing to me today :)

At noon, the ITB Committees were being separated. Mr Riza, Veriyanta-san, Arya-san, Anissa-san and I joined the Ubud Tour with some participants. Mrs Yani, Mrs Hira, Dewi-san, Ronny-san and Mrs Nelly went shopping at Airlangga. While Simon-san, Aqsa-san and Roni-san went to the airport to extend some tickets.

Monkey TempleIn Ubud, we went to Batu Bulan Shopping Art (it's quite expensive there, but there were 50% discounts for tour group), had a lunch at Bebek Bengil (dirty duck) Restaurant and visited Monkey Temple. This tour was arranged by ITB Committees, while CICC Japan Committees had another tour. So the symposium participant might choose which tour they want to join.

At 6pm, the bus arrived back at Westin Hotel. Anissa-san and I would go back to Swiss Grand with Mr Riza by taxi but after Mr Riza took his bag on the secretariat place. So, there we were (me and Anissa-san), on the lobby hotel, waiting for Mr Riza. The last person I want to see on the lobby is the old foreigner guy, and the first one is you know who. But the person I met was not both, it was Mr Yatabe.

I came towards him and had a chit chat. Than taking a tour, he prefered to walk around the hotel, have a massage, work out, swim, and have a sunbathe on Westin beach (yeah, this hotel has beach in the back!). Well, he was the last Japanese with whom I talked in Bali. I will miss them all (especially you know who) a lot.

At night, we the ITB Committees (excluded Yohanes-san, he was with his wife all the time) had a dinner together at Jimbaran, resuming the events. Each person said anything in their mind about the event. It was very nice, had laughing together, no load works anymore, but surely we all will miss this committee.

Feb 16th-17th, 2007 : Days After Symposium

After having breakfast, Dewi-san, Anissa-san, Arya-san, Mrs Yani, Mrs Hira, Mrs Nelly and I went to Pasar Sukowati to shop for an hour. At noon, they all had to go quickly to the airport for 3pm flight back to Bandung, while Simon-san, Aqsa-san, Ronny-san, Roni-san and I would stay for one more night in Bali (at Ujay's house, thx Ujay!). We rent a car for one day, and went first to Dreamland beach, to meet Indi and Tanya there. Well the end of this holiday, I spent with those 6 buddies, walked around Legian Kuta.

I had a flight to Jakarta tomorrow night with Adam Air, along with Simon-san, Aqsa-san and Roni-san (while Ronny san flight to Bandung, and Indi and Tanya flight with Air Asia). That is the end of my holiday in Bali.

Missing It

I really miss the 8th Asia Open Source Software Symposium (AOSSS), both the event and committee! I spend many times a day to see the pictures of the event. I become more aware with OS field. I read many articles about OS software in Asia. I start to like Japan culture (beside England and Italy). I take care all things connected with the event (like pen, pencil, map, bag, etc). And one thing that make me realize that I really miss the event is....when I was in Mrs Yani's room, I saw the booklet of Westin Hotel on her desk, then I opened it. There were a strange feeling when I saw the pictures of the lobby, the room, the hall, the veranda, the pool, the stairs, ahhh....I want to be there again, in the same situation. Then, at the back of the booklet, there is a map of its building. I put my finger on the hall part (it was the symposium room) and moved my finger to trace the map towards Singaraja Room (it was the secretariat place). That is the path on where I often walked in Westin.

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