25 February 2007

Feb 10th, 2007: The Day Before Codefest

At noon, Simon-san, Dewi-san, Roni-san, Ronny-san and I (Aqsa-san and Arya-san had gone to Bali) were briefed by Mrs Hira who suddenly said easily, "...the consumption for codefest participants haven't been prepared yet..." WHAT?! We all were surprised. We thought she had already arranged it. Please (deh) Ma'am, couldn't you tell us latter?
Thus made me spend all day googling delicious foods in Bandung for 30-40 people for 5 times eating, which had a delivery service, and didn't make the japaneses have stomachache. Hff!

Around 9pm, after hanging out in BIP for a while (actually I went there to buy snacks for the codefest participants, but Simon-san bought a black t-shirt, 'lu keren lah, mon!' :p), Simon-san, Roni-san and I were back to campus. We found Ronny-san still doing some design stuffs (good work, rondut!) and Dewi-san had already went home. Suddenly Veriyanta-san called Roni-san telling that he and the japaneses had already reached Pasteur. Woooooou panic, panic! Roni-san and I ran directly to Wisma Dago Hotel...we hadn't prepared anything! FYI, Wisma Dago Hotel is a very-not-international hotel (but it's the closest inn to ITB). Because there isn't minibar, we took the initiative to buy snacks and put them in each japaneses' room. But it was late. When we arrived at Wisma Dago Hotel, the cars entered the yard.

After hearing a short speech by Roni-san, the japaneses (there are 7 persons, I still didn't memorize their name at that time) entered their room. Here is the most embarrassing moment, Simon-san and I exactly became a servant! We brought snacks (on the small tray) to each room.

Knock knock!
The japanese opened the door. He had already took off his clothes (not all, unfortunately) and was surprised to see me, "Ups, sorry!"
I said "It's OK!" and grinned.

Knock knock!
The japanese opened the door. We gave the foods and turned back quietly. But suddenly he said something peculiar, "seramat merem!"
Ha?! Was he learning to talk or what??

Knock knock!
The japanese opened the door, "Is there any internet service?"

Obviously there were unoccupied rooms at the hotel, so we spent the night there.

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