25 February 2007

Feb 13rd, 2007 : Symposium 1st Day

Because of staying up last night, I woke up late, ate only one piece of bread for breakfast :( and straightly went to Westin with all ITB Committees.
Huff, the registration desk was very chaos!! ~_~; There were many important people who got angry because I didn't know them (please deh)! There were also many carping reporters who didn't get dressed well. Hopefully we got help from Balinux people and CICC Japan Committees. Well, the core of work today is this registration session, while at noon I started to relax. Infact, my doing is only browsing the internet using Arya's notebook (there was hotspot from Telkom, sponsor), with Look the carpet...hmmm nyummy!checking the wireless connection as my accusation :P Otherwise, I just walked around the symposium area pretending to check all worked well, but actually I was looking for any cute guys! Dewi-san said that Akarawuth Tamrareang from Thailand is gorgeous, while Anissa-san thought that Katsuhiko Kaji is the cutest one. But...honestly I was more interested with Mr Taka :P

About 2pm, I got sultry! So I borrowed the key of Mrs Hira's room to take a bath there. When I came back to the symposium area, the Codefest people had arrived. It was very nice to have the servant team (tim kacung) complete again! Haha...
Dinner @ GWK
The seminar today finished at 5pm, and the participants was departed directly into Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) by buses to have a welcome dinner, host by ITB Committees. But we the servant team (also with Anissa-san) decided to go back to Swiss Grand first for changing our clothes (I really didn't want to have a dinner in a beautiful place with this train employee uniform). Fortunately I had already taken bath in Westin, because we really didn't have any time for bathing.

I love the show that night. It presented the music performance from each country. My favourite (of course) is the japanese part one, when Mr Taka (along with Tomoko-san and Maki-san) sang a funny japanese song. I couldn't stop giggling :P

At 9pm, after the show, we the servant team came back to Westin, because there were still things to do (hiks hiks!). Not like the night before when CICC Japan Committees and exhibition participants also worked late, tonight we just accompanied by Mr Riza and Mrs Hira in the symposium room. Desolate ~_~; But actually I didn't feel the desolation, because I fell asleep. Maybe it was because my only 2 hours-sleep last night and some hard activities today, I became very tired. The last thing I remembered is that I sat on the chair beside Ronny-san, waiting his notebook and Simon's printer to print slides which would be patch on the exhibition panel by me. I put my head on the desk and that's it, everything went peace.

Suddenly Dewi-san woke me up, "Rik, wake up! It's all finished, we could go home right now." I got up and found my body on the floor (there is a thick carpet, so it was very nice to sleep over it although it was dirty :p). Who the hell moved my body from up over the chair into the floor? Did I fall while sleeping? Or my body moved by itself? But Ronny-san had funnier way to sleep. He slept on the floor (just like me) with his body, hands and feet were stretched. When Aqsa-san put a glass on Ronny's hand, Ronny-san really looked like a drunken one.

Obviously, it's only Dewi-san and Arya-san who worked that night. Mrs Hira had came back to her room early, Mr Riza burned CD and slept once in a while, Simon-san and Aqsa-san went out looking for food, while Ronny-san, Roni-san and I fell asleep successfully on the floor. Yes, I've ever had a night at Westin Hotel ^_^
Finally we went back to Swiss Grand at 3am.

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  1. That was my achievement! Burning 110 copies of CD in 4 hours with 3 computers,,,