20 April 2007

Letter for Harry

I wrote this for IHP Writing Contest. The contest is about writing a letter for Harry when he is in The Burrow attending Bill & Fleur's wedding. We could write about anything from anyone.

Dear Harry,

I'm a muggle but somehow I know about your magic world and I'm OK with that (it's nice to share this earth with witches and wizards ^_^) .

I know this is strange to ask, but have you met Oliver Wood lately? It has been 3 years I didn't hear about him again. Is he still in Puddlemere United? Unfortunately there's no anything news about Quidditch in muggle world (but I quietly often watch Kick & Rush, hoping that he moved his career into football <_<).

I also made a letter to Wood. Well...I know you've been so busy with horcrux things, but could you help me sending that letter to Wood? I heard that y'all have an intelligent technology called Owl, which is able to send message to someone wherever he/she is. And if Wood would like to reply my letter, please teach him how to send a letter in muggle style. Please Harry, I miss him a lot!

Thanks, and hope you always success against You-Know-Who.

Best regards,

PS. Was Mr.Postman bewildered when he brought this letter to the peculiar Ron's house? Btw, send my greetings to Ron ^_^

16 April 2007

Hail Brilli

BrilliantPhoto is a software that provides tool for the management, improvement, and sharing of digital photos. It has usual features like adjusting brightness, sharpness, contrast, cropping, changing to black and white, and more. But it is a very very great place to solve problems like red eye and flash failure. People usually use this software for deleting red eye effect, which is usually found in pictures captured from digital camera. I don't care about this red eye effect, but I really really love the Fill Flash tool...a dark picture can be shine, a dark skin can be shine...huhuhu don't we love Brilli??! The quality of using flash is better than adjusting the brightness. Look at this example (model: Riza the Great)

The first pic is the dark one, the second used flash tool, while the last adapted brightness tool. I don't know if other photo managers (like the sophisticated Adobe Photoshop) has this feature too, but I don't find it in Photo Studio (I usually use this one). Also, the redo and undo facility is unlimited! Except that, in Brilli we can organize and describe photos (caption, keywords, people, event, place, rating) so we can browse them according to those categories, plus by date, month or year (there is a cute calendar). It also could make the pictures slideshow with backsounds.

I only have the trial program of Brilli. So yesterday, knowing I just had 18 days remaining of the trial period, I directly used flash feature in some pictures, especially my photographs (yes haha I was seen fair :p).

Maybe I should look for its serial key.

14 April 2007

08 April 2007

Tenget Night at ITB

Tenget is a Bali language for eerie (angker). That was exactly the situation on ITB last night, when Maha Gotra Ganesha (MGG), Bali Culture Unit of ITB, and some Bali Artist in Bandung, performed Calon Arang Show. Calon Arang is a horrible figure. Balinese believed that this is a sacred tale and must be performed carefully, because many spirits will be around.

This is the story of Calon Arang:
Once upon a time, in Kediri Kingdom lived a wise king who loves his citizenry so much named Airlangga. One day, the King wanted to propose a marriage to Diah Ratna Megali, but Kediri people disagreed, because mother of Diah Ratna is a witch named Walu Nata Dira or commonly called Calon Arang. When he knew about that, the King directly canceled his propose. He sent Patih Madri to deliver his message.
So, Patih Madri left. But, before he arrived, Calon Arang had known about this cancellation. She got mad and killed Kediri people using her black power. Then, when Patih Madri had arrived, he was ambushed by Calon Arang's man named Rarung. They fight and Patih Madri got killed. Airlangga King got angry and attacked Calon Arang.

At first I wondered, where is the horror? The story is so simple, just like usual fairytales. They performed dances (I love Bali dance, my second favourite dance after Aceh dance) and jokes into a drama. But suddenly, the laugh went. Some persons who carried a 'corpse' came in to Campus Center square, put it in front of the stage. All people suddenly were quiet. There were 3 soul chasers (not performer) who held incense burner (dupa) around the corpse case. It seems that they deemed the artificial corpse just like a real corpse. The air was so cold.

After got prayed, the 'corpse' was carried out again, and the show on the stage started again. I thought Bali dance is always beautiful, but after had brought in the 'corpse', they performed a terrified dance. The dancers were just like kuntilanak, huhuhuhu willing to go home ~_~;

Well...I don't know how the story ends, because I went home at 23.30 WIB and the show hadn't been finished yet. Actually, this is a story about the victory of Dharma (kindness) againts Adharma (badness)...that's what MCs said :p

Although the weather is so cold because of raining in the afternoon, there were so many audiences, especially not ITB people, who came to see this Bali Tenget show. It seems that many people likes Bali culture...and fortunately, there wasn't any possessed (kesurupan) person along the show.

06 April 2007

What will I do when I grow old?

Everyday for almost 15 years, the Old-Berta sat all day in front of her house. This is a normal behavior for old people: They sit while dreaming of their past time when were still young; they look at the world on where they didn't take part anymore; and they try to find something to be talked with their neighbours.
[The Devil and Miss Prym, Paulo Coelho]

I often sit and daydream while seeing the view from my big room window for hours. Just like today, I had lunch while looking to the scenery of ITB male dormitory (Kanayakan) outside. Even when I had finished the food, I still endured to sit...because there was bare beasted guy drying his clothes (sughooooiii!!! *drooling*).

I often dream of my future...work there, study here, life with anu-san, together with ini-san, until finally I oversleep. Research shows that I sleep too much because of my fancy activity. I have ever tried to stop this habit, but then I aborted it because of 2 principles: (1) Imagining will improve creativity, (2) People who dream about their future from now have more possibilities to be success in the future. So, because I am a person who dislike blocking someone's creativity and of course want to be success, my imagining activity must go on.

I often felt not accepted in some parts of this world. I denied and cried for my destiny and always dreamed about the places where I wanted to be. That is a couple times ago. And now, actually it's still the same...I can't accept my fate, but the difference is now I don't too care anymore and will fight for being in my dream place. Hmmmm....(*processing*)....
Imagine of 4 me, (1) I'm not confident of my self because of 'something', (2) I'm very confident because I can develop my other skills eventhough I don't have 'something', (3) I'm confident because I don't care all I have, (4) I'm very confident because I have 'something'. I used to be the no(1) and should be the no(2), but I extremely become the no(3) who are fighting to be the no(4).

Since knowing internet, I've become a chatting maniac! I browsed portal sites (such as detik and boleh) to use their chatting feature. Except that, programs which must be installed in my computer are MIRC and Yahoo!Messenger. It is because I have so much to say to this world. Unfortunately, I also use these chatting features for talking with people who are near me.

Well, there are so many things I do now (when I'm still energetic) which will be did by me again on my old time. Isn't it useless?! Now-Me should stop daydreaming while seeing the sky, because Old-Me will do that. Now-Me should reduce the time for dreaming my life, because Old-Me will do that. Now-Me has been in the right way where she doesn't cry anymore for world on where she couldn't take part, because Old-Me will do that. Now-Me should reduce my chatting time, because Old-Me will need it in her loneliness. Now-Me dislike cooking, knitting and sewing. Let those activities are saved for Old-Me. Now-Me doesn't need to be disappointed because of having no time for reading books/newspapers, watching TV, writing short stories or novels and being active in many harry potter mailing lists. Because, Old-Me can do that. So what should I do now??

I have to finish my thesis!

05 April 2007

Sun Flower's Message

Sun flower always face toward the sun
That's what they say, but...
The sun is the one that wishes sun flower look at him
That's why, he is so high up on the sky

It's a quote from the latest manga I've read. The manga tells about a tall girl who fell in love. The boy whom she loved was an athlete of high-jump in their school. She always looked at the boy whenever he practiced, when he jumped into the sky...just like a sun flower who always looks out on the sky to see the sun. She thought that the boy didn't care her at all.
But the truth is, he also loved her but didn't confident with his not-so-tall-body. He believed that...if he could jump high, she will look at him and realize of his existence.

So for you who are in love, be confident! Maybe she/he is waiting for you too ^_* Ganbatte!!!