16 April 2007

Hail Brilli

BrilliantPhoto is a software that provides tool for the management, improvement, and sharing of digital photos. It has usual features like adjusting brightness, sharpness, contrast, cropping, changing to black and white, and more. But it is a very very great place to solve problems like red eye and flash failure. People usually use this software for deleting red eye effect, which is usually found in pictures captured from digital camera. I don't care about this red eye effect, but I really really love the Fill Flash tool...a dark picture can be shine, a dark skin can be shine...huhuhu don't we love Brilli??! The quality of using flash is better than adjusting the brightness. Look at this example (model: Riza the Great)

The first pic is the dark one, the second used flash tool, while the last adapted brightness tool. I don't know if other photo managers (like the sophisticated Adobe Photoshop) has this feature too, but I don't find it in Photo Studio (I usually use this one). Also, the redo and undo facility is unlimited! Except that, in Brilli we can organize and describe photos (caption, keywords, people, event, place, rating) so we can browse them according to those categories, plus by date, month or year (there is a cute calendar). It also could make the pictures slideshow with backsounds.

I only have the trial program of Brilli. So yesterday, knowing I just had 18 days remaining of the trial period, I directly used flash feature in some pictures, especially my photographs (yes haha I was seen fair :p).

Maybe I should look for its serial key.


  1. wow, modelnya... The Great. Udah ijin belum ama orangnya?

  2. yah, dah pada comment ttg model nya y. padahal mo comment juga, tapi..

    emang gilee...
    Modelnya ganteng banget!!