05 April 2007

Sun Flower's Message

Sun flower always face toward the sun
That's what they say, but...
The sun is the one that wishes sun flower look at him
That's why, he is so high up on the sky

It's a quote from the latest manga I've read. The manga tells about a tall girl who fell in love. The boy whom she loved was an athlete of high-jump in their school. She always looked at the boy whenever he practiced, when he jumped into the sky...just like a sun flower who always looks out on the sky to see the sun. She thought that the boy didn't care her at all.
But the truth is, he also loved her but didn't confident with his not-so-tall-body. He believed that...if he could jump high, she will look at him and realize of his existence.

So for you who are in love, be confident! Maybe she/he is waiting for you too ^_* Ganbatte!!!

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