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Deal or No Deal?

This morning robotics lecturer announced the temporary grade of students...the A-er (they who got grade-A) don't have to attend the final test, C-er must, while for B-er it's optional...but if they failed in this final test, there is still possibility for their grade move to C. The B-er is quite many, about twice than total of A-er and B-er, but it seems that the proclivity from B-er is not attending final test. Among 20 B-ers, there are only 3 persons (including me) who seemed interested. Uhhh confuse...this 3 people were OK to take the final test but they hadn't studied hard for this. The lecturer ridiculed us, then offered, "if you just answer 75% correctly from these questions, your grade will raise directly". Deal or no deal?

Rika1: "Come on, Rika! Maybe the exam is easy"
Rika2: "How if difficult?"

(Suddenly turned to the lecturer) Rika : May I see the questions first, Sir?"
Lecturer: "Of course not!"

(Rika sat back and thinking…


Last night, (some) guys on the second floor visited us on the third floor. It's so nice, we rarely sit together to have a chit chat...the girls were only with the girls and the guys with the guys.

We (four of us) chatted all night while eating. Unfortunately, suddenly the topic changed into horror. We told a horrible story one by one, except me of, no, I don't have any terrified experience at all, and I always closed my ears or went away if my friends started to tell a frightening I proudly announce that I don't have any collection of horrible stories!!! Actually I had begged them to stop this part and continue with another topic, but they didn't heed at all and even scared me happily. Huhuhu damn you all! Now I have many ghost stories in my head. Want some?

That night, Tami and me slept in my room. I wonder if the boys slept in the same room too, ahaha! Ohhh today I'll go to Jakarta, so tonight Tami will be alone on the third floor, ohohohoho …

Gelar Budaya Aceh ITB malam minggu kemarin membuka banyak kenangan lama

Rombongan (Adi, Cuco, Eriek, Ibam, Ira, Neni en gw) mulai bergerak dari depan himpunan menuju CC sekitar jam setengah 8 malem, dan bertemu Def di sana. Karena waktu itu masih kata sambutan, kami menuju booth Gampong Aceh, looking for foods. Hyuuu semua dicoba: mie goreng Aceh, martabak telor, roti cane, timpan isi srikaya/durian, en kopi aceh. Di Aceh, mie goreng adalah makanan wajib. Bersama dengan kopi aceh, mereka (mengarungi samudera dan menggesek lautan......kayak pernah denger?!) dapat ditemui di banyak warung. Waktu gw smp, ada siswa yang bikin artikel mengenai maniaknya orang aceh terhadap kopi, yang dibuktikan dengan adanya warung kopi di pinggir jalan setiap 500 meter! Timpan juga makanan tradisional, ada yang isi srikaya, kelapa en durian. Dulu nyokap slalu mesen kue ini buat hari raya, tapi yang isi srikaya doang...selain lebi murah, adek gw ga suka durian. Setiap ada sodara mo ke Jakarta, gw slalu nitip timpan ini. Kayak seminggu lalu bokap nyokap ke Lhokseumawe mo mengha…

Theme of MAY

My theme of this month is Spread the Friendship. This idea came yesterday morning when I feel so alone in my board room (red. kosan). Since there aren't many lessons anymore to be attended, I become more far from my if03 friends (except sangkuriang studio and ones who are often based in Gaib). I rarely talk with them again, only chat via y!m. I miss talking each other on stairs, coridor, or in front of door class. I want to ask them about their life, I want to be asked about my life.

Except that, lately I became hating everyone. I hate someone because he's....well I think I don't write it here. Because the people I hate are so many and some of them are my own friends. At first I think they are wrong. But since all people are wrong in my eyes, I realize that I'm the one who is wrong. I have to clean my heart (just like AA Jim said, "Jagalah hati, jangan kau ingkari").

Also I get bored with my currently day activities, going to Labtek V, coming into Gaib, startin…

Blog is Not a Thing, It's Many

Last saturday, I spent all day in my lovely GAIB laboratory without concerning the time. I looked the time only when I thought it's time for me to pray (I listened to music with my harrypodder (red. name of my ipod) so I couldn't hear Adzan). At noon, I saw my handwatch stopping. Then I looked for the Chelsea clock in GAIB, it's also stopping. My handphone was in the bag and my harrypodder was in his case, I was quite lazy to only see time on them. So, I decided to believe the time showed on my desktop (although I had found many computers in GAIB had a wrong and different time). It showed 2pm, I gotta go praying asap. Then, about an hour later, I browsed this blog just for fun (what the fun?!) and saw a big clock there showed 2pm. At first I thought the server had an error, but then I checked my harrypodder. Oh yes (oh no), time on the desktop was one hour earlier (so it means I didn't have a very late praying).

Another feature that I put on this blog is feed to harrypo…