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Blog is Not a Thing, It's Many

Last saturday, I spent all day in my lovely GAIB laboratory without concerning the time. I looked the time only when I thought it's time for me to pray (I listened to music with my harrypodder (red. name of my ipod) so I couldn't hear Adzan). At noon, I saw my handwatch stopping. Then I looked for the Chelsea clock in GAIB, it's also stopping. My handphone was in the bag and my harrypodder was in his case, I was quite lazy to only see time on them. So, I decided to believe the time showed on my desktop (although I had found many computers in GAIB had a wrong and different time). It showed 2pm, I gotta go praying asap. Then, about an hour later, I browsed this blog just for fun (what the fun?!) and saw a big clock there showed 2pm. At first I thought the server had an error, but then I checked my harrypodder. Oh yes (oh no), time on the desktop was one hour earlier (so it means I didn't have a very late praying).

Another feature that I put on this blog is feed to that can update me with harry potter news. Just like last night, when I clicked one of the links, I read that Lego produced the new harry potter sets, Hogwarts Castle, which will be launced this May (be yes maybe no). It also reported the last harry potter lego Custom Contest where the contestants should design their HP lego set according any scenes from HBP. I like the second place winner which depicts Ron and Lavender Brown snogging in the common room (cup cup mmuah mmuah, slurp!) know, it happened after Gryffindor Quidditch Team won against Slytherin. It's nice to see that scene via lego sets!

Last night I added two more features, link to and translate pages. Giveaway of the Day lets people download a software for free, but just for one day. It provides some ways to tell us what software it is giving away, such as its ticker. So I put it on this blog in order not to loose any useful softwares to be installed freely (I'm really IF!).

The translate pages...of course for translating this blog. There are some languages to choose...hemm let's see, there are flag of china, germany, japan, korea, france, italy, portuguese, and spain. It makes my blog more go international, right?! I don't know quite sure whether it can translate correctly...but based on my knowledge of Italiano, I say it can be trusted. Ohh and it only works for english, so it needs a good english to produce a good translation.

I was also willing to try a new feature by blogger, a video page, which can embed a video from YouTube or Google Video in this blog. What else can I think, I tried to look for an interesting harry potter video. I opened YouTube but my browser's blocked by cumi (tah papa!), so I googled in google video. Guest what I found: 'Harry Potter Does Bananaphones'. I bet it's a very interesting video, but unfortunately I didn't have any time to see it (the buffering process was so slow). Must be next time!

Ups, I shouldn't write any vulgar thing here, because someone may flag this blog. I've just found out what the function of 'Flag Blogs' above. When a person visiting a blog clicks the "Flag?" button in the Blogger Navbar, it means they believe the content of the blog may be potentially offensive or illegal. Then Blogger will prevent others from encountering such material by setting particular blogs as "unlisted". This means the blog won't be promoted on but will still be available on the web. I swear to anyone who read this blog, this is a peaceful blog!

Btw, last night I also played with 'Next Blog' menu. This is a secret from Jaya Fromdesa how getting into others' blog to spread our society via this net world. I found some interesting blogs, reviews all books he read (including the counter of how many books he had read this year), reviews some songs she likes (it's very unique, she put a disney scene...pocahontas, cinderella, etc...for each posting to describe the song), and lets people find their love (red. kontak jodoh). I was tempted for a while to leave my profile on it.

See? I'm really proud to be a blogger!


  1. rik, x-trans bayarnya berapa? :)

  2. I'm proud to be a wordpresser! Halah apa coba..
    Blogging emang menyenangkan rik.. Lebih dari cuma menulis biasa.

  3. eh feb, lo baca postingan yg laen yaaa??? hehe planet-if aneh nih, itu postingan gw taon lalu yg cuma gw ubah dikit (label) nya 2 hari lalu, tapi planet-if menganggap klo gw posting hari itu


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