12 May 2007


Last night, (some) guys on the second floor visited us on the third floor. It's so nice, we rarely sit together to have a chit chat...the girls were only with the girls and the guys with the guys.

We (four of us) chatted all night while eating. Unfortunately, suddenly the topic changed into horror. We told a horrible story one by one, except me of course...no, no, I don't have any terrified experience at all, and I always closed my ears or went away if my friends started to tell a frightening story...so I proudly announce that I don't have any collection of horrible stories!!! Actually I had begged them to stop this part and continue with another topic, but they didn't heed at all and even scared me happily. Huhuhu damn you all! Now I have many ghost stories in my head. Want some?

That night, Tami and me slept in my room. I wonder if the boys slept in the same room too, ahaha! Ohhh today I'll go to Jakarta, so tonight Tami will be alone on the third floor, ohohohoho you die, Tami, die!!!


  1. Uda denger cerita ttg WC lt 4 di IF belum Rik? Yg katanya ada cewe misterius berambut panjang nyisir rambutnya... sambil menyeringai... Ihihiy...

  2. ini bukan second floor dan third floor labtek V kan?

    btw, ngelanjutin dibond, tau gak mitos yang menjadi alasan kenapa toilet di lantai 1 labtek V gak ada cerminnya? yang berhubungan dengan cewe misterius berambut panjang gitu...

  3. *menghampiri dibond dengan tatapan horor* BLETAKKK!!!! Gw sering merenung di toilet lt.4 please please...jgn rusak kebahagiaanku!

    Temen kosan gw memberitau gw spot di IF yang horor...cuma 2 kok, toilet lt.1 (like Dende said) en LIFT, sodara-sodara, LIFT!!! I would never go upstairs with lift again, NEVER! Mending ngos2an deh...

  4. rikaaaaaa,
    kata si dibon lu nulis tentang cerita2 hantu di sekolah gitu. Postingan yang mana riiiiiik.....
    i wanna knoooooowwwwwww...