14 June 2007

When doing thesis

At home, suddenly I want to:
- sit around my mom and sister watching sinetron
- watch korean films with my sister, that I've download from rileks
- play some casual games with my brother
- watch O-Channel or JakTV
- search for foods in the kitchen again and again
- sleep on softer and bigger bed (than my bed at Bandung), hmmmm
Then I realized that this is not holiday, I should go back to Bandung to do my thesis.

At board, suddenly I want to:
- clean my room
- *scratching the head* take a creambath
- wash some bags
- chat with friends
Then the night came and carried me to dream. I thought I just should do this thesis at campus.

At campus, suddenly I want to:
- check emails
- see exhibition of art ITB students
- read rileks forum
- chat with some friends
- blog
And oh no, the day ended and I went home without any progress in my thesis report.

So tomorrow, where should I go for doing thesis??

12 June 2007

Plagiarized Sinetron

Last night I found another plagiarized sinetron (serial TV), but it's too hard not watching because the boys are so hot! Even my sister, who loves Korea movies so much, is not absent to watch them.

I want to tell those hot boys to stop playing in plagiarized sinetrons...but it's not their fault because they just have to earn money and rise their popularity. I want to tell everybody to stop watching these sinetrons...but it just makes them wonder and watch the sinetrons. OK, start for myself, I won't watch those sinetrons...but I think it doesn't influence anything, they even increasingly mushroom because another million people still watch them.

One said that nowadays there are many demands for sinetrons, but the productions lack of the scipts, so the fast way is taking others movies' script. But it's ridiculous because now Indonesia has many new writers, even Erik Sobieski could write any sinetron script!

I feel so peevish that I can't do anything about this plagiarism.

05 June 2007

Growing by Surroundings

Two things people usually like but I hate them are sport and animal. I dislike any kind of animals, including cat, dog, rabbit, fish or another pet. Not just dislike, but avoiding them. I used to scream and runaway everytime I got closed by cat or dog. But now I found my self has been changed. When a cat came, I wanted to scream but my friend did it first. When a dog was nearby, I wanted to run but my friend did it first. With their fear, I became more brave. I still don't want to touch cats, but I don't avoid them again.

The shocked one of my transformation is happened tonight. I was assembling the lego when suddenly there was a scream in my boarding house. I quickly went out to find out what happen. Tika screamed because there is a cockroach in her room. Tami came to Tika's room with a spray and broom, but the spray wasn't potent and makes the cockroach flew all over, so Tami shrieked also. I directly take over the spray and broom, PSST PSST ("miauww!"), SRETTT, BAK BAK GDEBUK......the poor cockroach passed away. I came in my room stunned, was impressed of what I just did before. WOW! Two years ago, I still lived with my nanny and she always chased cockroaches and lizards away from me (I miss her ^^). Now I did it myself, WOW amazing me!

Ohhh and I also used to hate children. I swear I didn't see any cute things in them, they just cry wanting for anything, and want to be loved always. But since my younger sister nowadays become hating them also, I precisely changed to like a child. I endure with their naughtiness, just consider it as part of their plain mind.

I remember a story from Samurai novel. Lord Yorimasa (22 years old) lived fullfilled with hatred. He hated Lord Kiyori, his father, and also himself, because he wasn't inherited the special ability of his family. The oracle said that his son will have it, so his father married him off with Lady Midori (11 years old).

Pada malam pernikahannya, Lord Yorimasa menusuk perutnya sendiri, tapi tidak terlalu dalam, karena pakaiannya tebal. Lalu Midori menarik pisau itu sampai terjengkang dan memanggil ayahnya, Lord Nao.

Lord Yorimasa: “Aku takkan tidur dengan anak kecil”.
Lord Kiyori: “Aku tahu. Aku tidak mengharapkan itu darimu”.
Kini, Yorimasa bingung. “Lalu, bagaimana kau mengharapkan seorang ahli waris?”
Lord Kiyori: ”Waktunya akan tiba. Sekarang, kau akan melindungi dan menjaganya. Pada saatnya, Midori akan menjadi dewasa dan siap menjalani perkawinan.”
Lord Yorimasa: “Konyol. Itu hanya terjadi dalam dongeng. Segera setelah sembuh, aku akan menyelesaikan apa yang sudah kumulai.”
“Kalau begitu, bunuh Midori dulu,” kata Kiyori. “Dia menyangka kau mencoba bunuh diri karena dia sangat mengecewakanmu. Rasa malunya tak tertahankan. Dia mengatakan kepada ibunya bahwa dia tak sanggup hidup jika kau mati”.
“Aku tak peduli,” Yorimasa berkata dan memejamkan matanya.
Kiyori tak berkata apa-apa. Namun, senyumnya tersungging dan terus muncul selama beberapa lama.

“Ayahku menjalani hidup penuh kebencian karena dia hanya memikirkan diri sendiri. Bisa dikatakan, ini makna sejati kebencian itu sendiri. Dia berubah karena dalam diri ibuku, dia menemukan orang yang perlu lebih diperhatikan daripada dirinya sendiri,” cerita Genji di kemudian hari.

Hehehehe ^^ keyeeenn!

So, maybe I've changed because I found others people who have more fear than I do. Actually, I still afraid of one thing...ghost et al. Many friends of mine are afraid too but they still want to watch scary movies or listen to terrified stories. One of my friend at boarding house even can see those things with her eyes (OMG!). Is there anyone who fear those mysterious things more than me?? Please!