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When doing thesis

At home, suddenly I want to:
- sit around my mom and sister watching sinetron
- watch korean films with my sister, that I've download from rileks
- play some casual games with my brother
- watch O-Channel or JakTV
- search for foods in the kitchen again and again
- sleep on softer and bigger bed (than my bed at Bandung), hmmmm
Then I realized that this is not holiday, I should go back to Bandung to do my thesis.

At board, suddenly I want to:
- clean my room
- *scratching the head* take a creambath
- wash some bags
- chat with friends
Then the night came and carried me to dream. I thought I just should do this thesis at campus.

At campus, suddenly I want to:
- check emails
- see exhibition of art ITB students
- read rileks forum
- chat with some friends
- blog
And oh no, the day ended and I went home without any progress in my thesis report.

So tomorrow, where should I go for doing thesis??


  1. eh? TA nya S1 bahasa inggrisnya juga thesis?

  2. Di mana ya rik, bingung juga. Udah nyobain Taman Ganesha? :D

  3. @anonymous
    trus apa dong...ET (End Task)? anak swiss-german university ngomongnya thesis, yaaaaa ikut aj gw!

    trus pulang2 gw jadi putih en bau ya, Bram!

  4. cieee krimbat.. pantesan lucuw, huhuhuw.. ;))

    gimana kalo di kms? kan lo ga bisa krimbat sama bersiin kamar tuh. terus lo ga bisa buka rileks sama e-mail juga. masalahnya ya cuma banyak godaan buat ngobrol ama temen. tapi kita bisa atur biar elo dikunci di kamar seharian kok. =)

  5. @xath
    hemmm bole jg tuh...awak pikirkan dulu!

    eh beidewei, kmrn ngeliat transkrip nilai yang pake bahasa inggris...TA ditulisnya Final Project. Hemmm bole juga!

  6. Serius dibilangnya Final Project? Folder TA sy jg sy namain gitu, tp itu sy ngasal bhs inggrisnya. Gile, ternyata bener. Eniwei..., cieee yg lucuw... ^^

  7. Gw sih lebih sering denger undegraduate thesis buat s1 atau master thesis buat s2 ngerjain di tempat2 yang deket/terlihat sama pembimbng TA lo ato siapa pun yang bikin lo harus jaim ..he..he..


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