09 September 2007

Walking Disaster

This has been a hard week for me...running all the way, hiding from the world, blaming on myself, grumbling all day, crying out loud. Until at the end of the week, I was pulled out from this black hole.

Today a friend 'poked' me harshly, make me realize that the problem is me. I am the one who made myself failed. I wasn't disciplined. I didn't set up the schedule. I ran away from bug/error. I just didn't have any intention or willing to finish my own thesis.

Today I went home, with parents welcomed my arrival nicely. Brother offered his help for my thesis. Father consulted me for almost 2 hours, trying to give some advices.
  1. "Do you need extra money for paying someone to make your program?" --> Err...you're very wise, Dad!
  2. "Do you need me or your mom to come to Bandung to talk with your teacher about your problem or something?" --> Err...what??! No, thanks!
  3. "I know you have had that mobile internet with XL-Centrin, but if you need the faster one like Wimode, just tell me, Ok?!" --> Err...why you don't say that before I registered this Centrin crap??!
  4. "If you find a problem, don't be shy to ask your teacher or some friends. Actually your guy friends, they must be willing to help a girl." --> Err...does my dad ask me to be a bitch, seduce my guy friends??!
  5. "You have to pray to God a lot. Just believe in God! Don't believe anything from Harry Potter's stories! There's no magic in this world, you have to fight with your own power" --> Err...Harry Potter is rock, Dad! You should read.

With consulting session from my parents and pat from my friend, I was rethinking of what I've done. Yes, I've been gone for so long. It's time to get back. But since the deadline is just like...err 1 week later...I think it's too late to save me.


  1. As one of your friend, I hope for the best for you. Ganbatte Rika! Just keep fighting, insyaAllah, there will be a way.. amin... we're supporting you!

  2. Wew thank you Arya :D
    Btw, where are yooouuuuu?!

  3. 'Cause you are not alone
    I’m always there with you
    And we’ll get lost together
    'Til the light comes pouring through
    When you feel like you’re done
    And the darkness has won
    Babe you’re not lost

    When your world’s crashing down
    And you can’t bear the thought
    I said babe you’re not lost..

    Lost - Michael Buble

  4. ya ampun rik... jadi pulang ke jakarta tuh mau bertapa ya... ;D

    karoke gapapa ko... bisa teriak2 melampiaskan stress dan keresahan (halah!) cewe2 mo karoke loh hari ini...

    sukses ya rik! cepet lulus, cepet traktir2 heuheuheu...

    @cho: romantisnya....