29 August 2008

Women and High Heels

Woman1 : You're walking strangely
Woman2 : Err yeah.. I'm wearing stiletto, it's kinda tough to walk normally
Woman1 : Then wear the low heels, or flat shoes
Woman2 : But I look gorgeous in hi-heels
Woman1 : Hmm.. *is still watching how weird Woman2's walking* No!
Woman2 : Ah no prob. Women indeed hate pretty women *pats Woman1*

Just a simple thought that came up when I was walking hard from gym to my office this morning wearing 3 inches heels.


  1. Rikaaa!!! =D
    Akhirnya bisa mampir juga ke blog mu...
    Great design! Bikin ndiri?

    Anyhow, yes, I agree, women will sacrifice a lot for fashion and style LOL

    C u @ Twitterverse

  2. Sy jg uda lama gak pake hi-heels. Kemaren pas jalan kek orang mabok. Hwahahaha.

  3. Rika . . . I'm that kinda girl.
    I love hurting myself just so I look beautiful.
    But,hey,that's why men love us!
    + LOL +

  4. @nana
    Woaaa u have many blogs!
    Hihi I'm not too interesting in making web designs. I like grabbing them from blogskins :D

    Yakin lo waktu itu ga minum alkohol? ;)) Ehh punya account blogspot toh jeng?

    I almost forgot yourname XD
    Many women do that (including me) :P Hi-heels, wearing a tight short clothes in windy/cold weather.. etc!

    Send me to be Field Engineer, dahling.. then I will wear that stuff!

  5. nice appearance comes first, comforts second :)

  6. @yodee
    Indeed! Is it valid too for men? Nyehehe mostly being beautiful is painful.. owh I got another one: Facial. Aneeway, thx for stepping by :)

  7. ahaha....no beauty come without pain darlin...
    face it...women love to do the painful thing, to be more beatuful...
    keep smile, eventhough u feel it hurts:))

  8. iya tuh, nyokap gw bilang pas gw pake hi heels:
    "mau cantik itu harus pegel!"