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Movie Marathon

So yesterday I watched these 5 old movies. I'd grabbed them from rileks(kinda multimedia portal in itb) since a year ago when still in college, but they're just buried forgetfully in my BenQ.

The Man from Earth
There is this one professor guy named John Oldman who was quitting his job. On the day his moving, some colleagues in university (biologist, psychologist, historian, anthropologist) came to his house to make farewell party. They're very surprised with his movement and wondering why. Until finally John confided them that he's a cro-magnon human who had lived for 14.000 years, always faced new eras without getting old, so he had to move to other place every 10 years. At first his fellas didn't believe it, but every answers and stories he told are perfectly fit. He had ever sailed with Christopher Columbus, met Budhha, and the most strained part is when he admit that he's one of the religious figure in the world.
The setting is so simple, mostly at John's …

My Smile :(

Still about pictures. And a new invention.
Ternyata senyum tidak selamanya melengkung ke bawah

My Favorites XD

Lagi bersihin harddisk laptop (baca. ngubek-ngubek folder Pictures, Music dan Movies ) setelah sekian lama terlantarkan karena kesibukan ngantor *halah*, nemu gambar ini yang selalu bikin gw ngakak jaya...


In Last Days

It has been 6 months working there, but the last week is the most fun part.On tuesday, we went sliding at fx.

Yeah, there are a lot pictures BEFORE playing this slider thing (btw, credit pics for Dini!)... but we don't have any when we're sliding -_-; Kayak waterboom, tapi meluncurnya ga pake air, melainkan ada tempat dudukan tersendiri yang bikin meluncurnya jadi licin. Meluncurnya sendiri cuma 10-12 detik (passing 7 floors of fx mal), but there are many preparation stuffs to be equipped: jacket, gloves, penutup lutut (what we call this?), and helmet. And the most annoying one for me is letting my glasses off *__* can't see anything. Next time must wear contact lens, or maybe I'll go sliding again when my eyes have got laser (kapan mak???!).Klo di waterboom kan kita bisa meluncur dengan berbagai pose, tapi klo yang ini ga bisa bebas bo. Kita disuru rebahan dengan kedua lutut kaki ditekuk rapat. Soalnya klo pas belok-belokan nanti lutut tergesek tabung, prosesi peluncur…