28 November 2008

Do Fun

Ga perlu ngantri lama buat masuk wahana, toilet, sholat dan beli makanan. Semua wahana yang pengen dicoba sempet dinaikin. Naik Niagara, Kicir-Kicir, Tornado dan boom boom car 2 kali (Tornado pun jadi terasa ecek-ecek).

Dufan in weekday is so much fun!

24 November 2008

What's Up!

Hmm isn't it quite bright here? Hehe a new theme, replacing the old dark one (thx bub for helping me to choose those kawai blogskins).

So what's up with me is I'm back in Jakarta still dreaming of Weh island haha. Well udah seminggu sih disini, sempat mengalami sindrom balas dendam abis travelling: I don't wanna go out from home! Kerjaannya malas-malasan dan pacaran: nonton dvd, marathon Ally McBeal series, dan tak lupa pantengin facebook terus buat ngecek status relationship orang-orang yang sering berubah. Hingga akhir minggu barulah punya niat buat mulai nyiapin kepindahan ke Singapore yang tinggal seminggu lagi. Dimulai dari mencabut membership Fitness First. Huwaaaa I felt kinda mellow feeling when I visited FF Pacific Place. Setelah cuti nge-gym 3 bulan (sejak puasa), I'm missing it a lot! The group class, the street dance, the yoga and body balance class, the cardio things, the people, the place... all about FF. Hiks yeah life goes on.

I love my TBI time too. Kemaren sempet kesana juga buat ngambil balik duit jaminan library. Trus nyari token Mandiri... belom dapet juga dooong ampe sekarang, fully booked everywhere T.T (cuma ngecek 2 tempat sih ahahaha lusa deh coba beredar lagi). Dan tak lupa belanja-belanji. Emang selalu deh, pas mo berangkat kemanaaa gtu, baru nyadar kekurangan baju lah, kekurangan sepatu, kekurangan celana dalam ahakhakhakhak... jadilah sekarang kekurangan duit.

Dan besok gw ke Dufan.

13 November 2008

The Beautiful Weh Island

Now I want to share some information about going to Sabang Weh island. First let me correct the common misunderstanding about Sabang. Sabang is actually a city, the capital city of Weh island. I even did not stay any night at Sabang. Yeah, after doing some research, I found out that Gapang and Iboih (read. Iboh, in Aceh language means "is put", dunno what's philosophy in it) are the perfect places for diving and snorkeling. So those were my main destination. "Weh" in Aceh language means "go away", maybe because it is isolated from other Aceh regions.Here is the ferry schedule between Ulee Lheue harbour in Banda Aceh with Balohan harbour in Weh island.
Express ferry (45 minutes)
Price: Economy - 60.000 IDR, Executive (AC) - 70.000 IDR, VIP - 90.000 IDR
Ulee Lheue - Balohan:
10.00 and 16.00 WIB

Balohan - Ulee Lheue: 08.30 and 15.00 WIB
Slow ferry is cheaper (about 15.000 IDR per person) and able to take vehicles in it, but it sails for 2 hours.

In Balohan, there are many public transportations (car that can be filled by 10 people) have waited, they are called L300. To Gapang/Iboih, we can charter 1 car (300.000 - 500.000 IDR) or just pay per seats (50.000 IDR per person).

Resorts (offer bungalows) in Gapang:
1. Leguna (ph. +628126951415)
2. Flamboyan (ph. +6281360272270)

3. Lumba-Lumba (ph. +62811682787)
Lumba-Lumba is the most exclusive one. I spent a weekend night there for 25 euro (while other resorts will cost about 250.000 IDR), but they only provide accomodations for their divers. So if you use their diving services or equipments, you are allowed to book a bungalow. Lumba-Lumba diving center is owned by a dutch couple, while the rest resorts are managed by local people. I took an introduction dive course, 1 professional dive master was only for me. For the price lists, you can check at the website. I do not know if this is just a temporary euphoria, but I can not wait for my next diving! It is a nice experience, I think I want to learn it seriously.

Gapang to Iboih only takes 3 km. Not like Gapang, accommodations in Iboih are more poor, suitable for backpacker. They only offer basic needs for staying. So I and my friend decided to stay the night at Gapang and go to Iboih in the afternoon. I went there by renting a motorcycle (50.000 IDR for half day, 80.000 IDR for full day). In Iboih, I took fiber glass boat to go around Rubiah island to see the Sea Garden. With fiber glass boat, we can see the corals, fishes and other sea creatures under. It costs 250.000 IDR. There are many dive sites, but I just did snorkeling, with fear. Haha the next island to Rubiah is Seulako, people said we can find many sharks there T.T it was so frightening me out *haha culun* Although the boat-driver said my snorkeling place is far from Seulako, but still it's the sea rite! They can go to any part of the sea. Well I was afraid maybe because I jumped to the sea alone. While when I dived in Gapang, I did it together with a professional guide, so I even felt excited when I see a little shark in my first diving. Ohh for snorkeling, we can rent the equipments each cost 15.000 IDR.

From Gapang, I went to Sumur Tiga for relaxing in Santai resort, owned by Freddie (a south african old nice guy). You can contact Pak Walid (ph. +6281377384747) from Kedai Naguna (one of restaurants in Gapang) to take you from Gapang to... anywhere you want using (still) L300. It cost me 50.000 IDR from Gapang to Sumur Tiga.

Freddie have two resorts there: Santai and Casa Nemo, really closed to the beach, very perfect place for relaxing (just like its name, Santai means "relax" in Bahasa). I was swimming (read. playing with the water), sleeping on the lazy-beach-chair, playing scrabble, domino, snake and ladder with friends, reading books and magazine upon a swing... like heaven! (And I wonder why the good resorts are always owned by the foreigners)

Price list in Santai (ph. +6281360255001).
Bungalow: weekend - 275.000 IDR, weekday - 225.000 IDR
Ensuite room:
weekend - 250.000 IDR, weekday - 210.000 IDR
Eating (buffet):
Breakfast: 30.000 IDR, Lunch: 40.000 IDR, Dinner: 50.000 IDR
Transportation Balohan - Resort:
25.000 IDR

Transportation Resort - Balohan:
20.000 IDR

For the bungalow, staying at Freddie is indeed cheaper than Lumba-Lumba. But in Gapang, we can find many warung (local restaurants) along the beach in cheap price. While in Sumur Tiga, it's hard to find warung so we need to order in the resort. So at the end, it costs more when staying in Sumur Tiga -__- (the breakfast is wonderful, but I sooo regretted paying for dinner hehe *mestinya makan Pop Mie aja*).

Last, I cried on the ferry back to Banda Aceh. I promised myself for going to Weh again someday *mellow mode on*

08 November 2008

To the Beach

Enough with the city, let's go to the beach! Well Banda Aceh is surrounded by sea, we could get to some beaches: Lampu'uk, Ujong Batee, Ujong Kareung, Ulee Lheu and Lhoknga. I've only visited Lampu'uk. Lampu'uk word comes from Lampoh that means garden/land and U which means coconut tree. So on the way there we could see many coconut trees. The beach is sooo awesome! And that is the only beach there that has banana boats.
Well, still many beaches to visit in Banda Aceh, so I have reason to be back again rite? kenyit Cause now my job here had been finished. Time to go holiday home. Sabang -> Berureuneun -> Lhokseumawe -> Medan -> Jakarta.

Let's enjoy the life!

I've crossed deserts for miles
Swam water for time
Searching places to find
A piece of something to call mine
(I'm coming, I'm coming)
A piece of something to call mine
(I'm coming, coming closer to you)

Ran along many moors
Walked through many doors
The place where I wanna be
Is the place I can call mine
(I'm coming, I'm coming)
Is the place I can call mine
(I'm coming, coming closer to you)

I'm moving, I'm coming
Can you hear what I hear?
It's calling you my dear
Out of reach
(Take me to my beach)
I can hear it calling you
I'm coming, not drowning
Swimming closer to you

Never been here before
I'm intrigued, I'm unsure
I'm searching for more
I've got something that's all mine
I've got something that's all mine

Take me somewhere I can breathe
I've got so much to see
This is where I wanna be
In a place I can call mine
In a place I can call mine

Many faces I have seen
Many places I have been
Walked the deserts, swam the shores
(coming closer to you)

Many faces I have known
Many ways in which I've grown
Moving closer on my own
(coming closer to you)

I'm moving, I feel it
I'm coming, not drowning
I'm moving, I feel it
I'm coming, not drowning

(Pure Shores - All Saints)

02 November 2008

My Random Facts

Ira tagged me (long long time ago).

The rules
1. Each blogger must post these rules
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

I've done 6 before hahaha ga mau rugi. So here are the rest.
7. I have scuba diving certification.
8. I have lived in 4 different cities so far.
9. I have danced with Inul.
10. I cried after finished reading Harry Potter #7 book. Who's not??!
Guess which one(s are) is not true! I am not a liar type person, so it must be easy.
Whoever interested with it senyum