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Butterfly Blouse

BF gave me a blouse from Bali. He said it is called butterfly blouse and very famous back there in Indonesia. It has butterfly embroidery and the shape is like butterfly wings.

Weehee I feel like a little light fairy flying over the world beautifully... OK, enough!

Despite of its thin material which makes it almost look like a table cloth, I think it's cute and genius.

Land of the Lost Review

So yesterday my friend and I were going to watch premiere of Land of the Lost in Shaw Lido Cineplex. This is my first time experience watching in this cinema, I would say the place is very unique and not user friendly, the ticket booth is isolated behind a wall stage. Well I didn't purchase tickets there since I got them free, I just had to show the email invitation print out and my IC on omy booth near Lido 3 theatre.

At the beginning all I know was Land of the Lost is a comedy adventure movie, with Will Ferrell on it. It starts with Dr. Rick Marshall's theory about parallel time dimension and his invention of time travel machine. When he almost gives up with his theory, there comes a british assistant research named Holly that is helping him to test his travel machine in an isolated theme park.

Along with a huckster tour guide named Will, they got sucked into parallel prehistoric dimension and got friends tenuously with a primate named Chaka. Not only has problem relationsh…

Last Day Trip

May 4th, 2009

This is the last day of our trip, and we make it relax after several tiring days back then. We woke up late and looked around Mong Kok for shopping and searching gifts. Not like Singapore, Hong Kong shopping centers are closed quite late at night, streets are still crowded on 11 pm. But then they're opened late too in the morning around 11 am.

At 12.30 pm noon, we got ready for checking out hostel and went to Hong Kong Ferry Terminal to catch Turbo Jet ferry on 2 PM. When we bought tickets from Macau to Hong Kong with Visa card promotion, we also had to buy return tickets with fixed departure time. We decided to go there by taxi, because it is not that expensive actually where HK taxi can be filled up to 5 persons.

Arrived in Macau at 3 PM, we went to Airport to deposit our luggage (1 for MOP 15) because our flight was still 4 hours later. We planned to go to Senado Square again to buy some gifts, and had a little time to visit Macau Fisherman's Wharf. It is the …

In Lantau Island

May 3rd, 2009

Now we go to the other part of Hong Kong, Lantau Island. There are 2 attractive sites: Ngong Ping Village with the Giant Buddha, and Disneyland! Because we wanted to see the great Disneyland fireworks at 8 PM, so first we went to Giant Buddha in the morning. Giant Buddha is located in Ngong Ping village, where we only can reach it safely by cable car. I said safely, because actually there is another way to reach the village which is located quite high on the hill. From above I could see some people do tracking to go there.

Around 8 AM we started to go out. From Mong Kok MRT Station to Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal only takes 45 minutes. Opening hours of this terminal is 10.00 am - 6.00 pm on normal days, and 9.00 am - 6.30 pm on weekend and public holidays. We bought round trip ticket of Standard Cabin Cable Car, each HKD 96. There are 2 types of cabin, the standard one and the crystal cabin has transparant glass in the bottom part. Can you imagine that, like you're …