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Voted in Singapore

Yesterday is the Indonesian presidential election day. I registered myself to Indonesian embassy few months ago, then I got the invitation letter. We could come to embassy directly, or send the paper vote via post. It was not a public holiday, so me and friends went there on lunch time. I informed my boss so it's OK to come back quite late.

When I arrived, many people have queued in the yard of Indonesian embassy (voting time is from 8 am to 2 pm). There were 2 type of queue lining, people that have invitation letter from Indonesian embassy in their hand, and people who don't (they still can vote by showing their passport or employment pass). The first queue is longer than the second one, so one of my friend pretended she didn't have invitation letter and queued up in the shorter line, while the rest were still on the line, waiting for her report... yess the grass is always greener in other side :P

Few minutes later my friend came back. She saw that they have to fill some fo…