10 August 2009


Two days ago I visited the central National Library of Singapore in Bras Basah, near Bugis and City Hall MRT. At first I didn't have any intention to subscribe the membership, because I just wanted to look around and honestly I didn't read book much lately (despite of my yearly target to read at least 50 books). Even if I wanted to read, I still can read the books on the spot without being a member. Yet when I looked around the books and everything, I fell in love in reading again. I straightaway registered myself as a member. It costs S$53.3 per year for foreigner, S$10.5 for Permanent Residents and free for Singaporeans.

Borrowing and returning the books are made automatically. When I tried to borrow 2 books (let's start with Chick Lit :D), I inserted my membership card and scanned the books one by one on the machine. As for returning books, there are few 24-hr Bookdrop booths outside the library for members to scan the books and drop them. Members can borrow books from one library and return them in another libraries; more than 20 regional public libraries scattered around Singapore. Each book can be returned in 2-3 weeks.

In Indonesia, public libraries are so boring. Well.. I'd only ever visited one library 10 years ago when I was still in high school. It was big and dirty containing old books. To get interesting books, I usually registered to book rentals by paying based on how many books I wanted to borrow with a very limited time.

Anyway, back to Singapore National Library, after I borrowed some books, I went out the library and got myself in hunger, I tried Hanis Library Cafe, a bakery and western cafe just outside the library. Eating there with people around are sipping coffee, reading, working on school tasks, doing something on their laptop... made me feel really nerd smart. Not just the environment, the burger I ordered was also nice.

Let's hope my reading habit will boost up and I will become a bookworm again after joining this library membership.


  1. You're talking about Han's, not Hanis, right?

  2. @nashe if you click the picture, you can see clearly 'Hanis' at the coffee glass. I browsed internet and found this: "Formerly Han's Cafe, this branch has been renamed Hanis Cafe, their halal subsidiary."

  3. Hmmm I'm also planing to join the Library and borrow books, but I usually tend to over-keep them and have to pay fine :(

    BTW what books do you mostly like to read? :D

  4. So it's halal now?? YESSSSSA!

  5. @Shilka LOL try borrow only 1 book each time, you can return it up to 3 weeks, isn't it quite long time? I like to read women fiction novel, comedy romantic :)
    @Nesha yay for halal!