02 August 2009

Piñata e Bailar

Last night I had so much fun in surprise party of my friend's birthday. The host works in the same company as mine, he is from Colombia. We also celebrated his wife's birthday, so the theme is Latin America. This is the first time I know about Piñata. It is a colorful container filled with sweet, candies and toys, hanged with ropes on the wall, ceiling or tree branches. Someone will hit it with stick and blinded eyes until it is smashed, then all people snatch and collect the candies.

This tradition comes from Mexico, usually for special occasions such as birthday, Christmas or Halloween. It is made from materials that are easily breakable like balloon or clay. Piñata also can be formed in any shapes. I would be glad to punch Harry Potter piñata, lol!

Last night the rules are each person must take at least one Chupa Chupa (lollipop), otherwise he/she will get penalty. If everybody has it, then who has the Chupa Chupa with X signed on it would get penalty. One of the host's friend from Venezuela got it, she must dance with one of the guys there, chose between Tango or Salsa dance. Lol it was very fun, while we're waiting for them practice and dress up, we're also being taught by the couple host how to dance Salsa. Whole night we spent there with Spanish songs (includes the birthday song). I saw their habit is very spirit and energetic with dance and music, they couldn't stop shaking their body even when talking and eating foods.

Vamos a bailar, la gente!


  1. Haha I'd so like to whack a Darth Wader pinata xD

  2. i LOVE pinatas! can't wait to have kids' bday parties :)

  3. Oooh that looks awesome, where was it held?

  4. @Andhari in condominium of one of the birthday ladies, she's Latino