31 December 2009

2009 - Freedom

Last year I wrote that I want to live happily. Yes it is so abstract, but if I compare how many times I was hiding away from the world and crying alone in my room, this year definitely I AM MUCH HAPPIER! Except of being myself, here are some highlights of my 2009.

1. Learning swimming
For 23 years I could not swim and now I can, at least the basic style lah! I've started to love swimming since I did diving last year in Sabang.
2. Traveling
This year I managed to go to Macau and Hong Kong, Malacca, Kota Kinabalu and Brunei, Bali and Lombok.
3. Learning cooking
My resolution about this was actually trying 1 new recipe every week. But it turned out that I only can do 1 new recipe every month. But it is still considering a highlight because I never be interesting in cooking before for the whole my life. Will make it more routine next year.
4. Watching some gigs: Oasis, Lady Gaga and Lenka. Love them all! And there will be more artists I like coming next year such as Backstreet Boys ("aaaaaaarghh!!") and Kings of Convenience.

I don't like to talk about the lowlights actually, so just a short one(*). Except about LDR thing, the lowlights are the feeling of not enough for everything: not enough reading, not enough learning, not enough working, not enough saving, not confident enough. Sometimes it's good being an ambitious person to catch all dreams, but sometimes it's so tiring. I need to learn how to be grateful in some points, and not envy others' life too much. (*so this one you called 'short'?)

What I want to do on next year are very clear. I want to wear bracket (think my teeth got a problem), do lasik, take diving lesson (without r), traveling South East Asia, read 50 books and some other privacy targets. What about yours?

Well the most important thing is being happy. I am happy! This is the best year ever in my life, and I hope I can say that in the end of every year onwards.

P.S. I am writing this on my waiting time of countdown in Marina Bay with the whole family. Happy new year everybody!

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20 December 2009

The Show

Lenka was here! I'd got the ticket to the shoooow...
I reached the venue on time but it had a long queue to come in. When I was in front of the club 30 minutes later, Lenka had already started singing her first song on that night: Trouble Is A Friend. (Btw apparently there is another cute video of this song in digital puppet show way.)

Lenka performed all songs in her album (with cute backscreen... owl is my favorite!). Plus 2 new songs she made about a boy *winks*, 1 song for her ex-boyfriend (it's kinda sad), her version of Friday I'm in Love (The Cure) and All My Bells Are Ringing for the Christmas festive mood (love the part: I'll wrap it with a ribbon and a bow).

14 December 2009

Can We Disqus It?

Testing new sophisticated application for blog commenting: DISQUS. With this app, you can allow your blog readers to leave comments by using their Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Yahoo! and Disqus accounts. You can add some restricted words and blacklisted items for filtering comments. You can see all comments you've posted and the reply (if any) all over the web. This is just so integrated. And for me you who are too lazy to design your blog by looking into html/css code, the installation of Disqus only takes few minutes, not complicated at all. For Blogger user, just Download Full Template of your current template, then choose that .xml file to be integrated with Disqus code which will be generated automatically, you just need to copy paste the code back to your layout template. Easy peasy! Well I can't compare to other services because I've used only blogspot default comment system for my whole bloglife, so this Disqus is good.
Glad to have new toy. Thanks to Gia, and happy exploring! :)

12 December 2009

Get Your Sexy Back with JJ Lin

Singapore people have a campaign for young adults to drink alcohol moderately. Isn't it nice? This program is named Get Your Sexy Back (GYSB), has been run for 2 years now. It is sponsored by Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS) to hold some positive events and activities. Having a slogan: "It's not the drinking, it's how you're drinking", they want to spread the message to people (especially young adults) for drinking responsibly and knowing your own limit, you would not be sexy anymore if you got too drunk.

Last Wednesday they made an event: GYSB Boomz Concert '09 in Zouk's Velvet Underground. Zouk is one of the best clubs in Singapore and now supporting GYSB. The concert was nice, featuring some local musicians which are Jillian Marie Thomas, Da Feng Chui, Carrie Yeo and Chen Diya, En-x and the superstar JJ Lin.

07 December 2009

Mystical Taste of Borneo

Song of the night: I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

Today work is good and slow, starting new projects for the end of Q1 next year. But the Monday blues came at night, being mellow and sentimental about life, passion and relationship... woohoo I guess quarter-life crisis beat me again. So anyway, I successfully got off this mellow feeling by taking shower, slurping hot tea and listen to above spirit song repeatedly. What will you do to rip off empty feeling?

The 'angel' tea that helped me through this night is this Sabah tea I brought back from... Sabah! Let's quote what they wrote here on the package. "Sabah Tea is cultivated in the pristine foothills of Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia's first ever World Heritage Site, where nature offers the most conducive natural environment for tea growing..."
"Brew yourself a cup of Sabah Tea and enjoy the mystical taste of Borneo Rainforest."

So here I am, willing to write a synopsis of my solo traveling to Borneo.

05 December 2009

Cabin Baggage Dilemma

As you know, budget airlines give cheaper tickets for flying without checked in baggage. Some of my last trips were using this type of flight, and sometimes made me confusing about how big items and how much liquid I could bring in.

When I traveled alone to Borneo, I brought one big bag and one backpack. I did not have scales, both are not heavy so I guess they would not exceed than 7 kg. But the lady in AirAsia check-in counter in Changi Airport Singapore (SIN) seems hesitant seeing my big bag, she said I had to check-in it because maybe it would not fix inside cabin. It would cost S$8 one way (up to 15kg), 4 times than checked in baggage price via website, S$2 (now they raise it up to S$4, so in airport would be S$16 I guess). Because I looked disappointed and reluctant to pay for the baggage, the lady kindly weighed my bag (and it was indeed only 5 kg, but still she's not sure if it fixed the cabin or not) and let me go with my bag and boarding pass. She said if it did not fix, the air crews would put my bag inside baggage airplane for free. Yay! And well, actually it fixed. The lady just exaggerated.

In Brunei Airport (BWN) I was not that lucky. Somehow my bag's weight was increasing, more than 7 kg so I had to pay 8 dollars (Brunei and Singapore dollars are in the same rate). Hiks, if only I added S$2 for checked in baggage online in each flight SIN-BKI (Kota Kinabalu), BKI-BWN, BWN-BKI and BKI-SIN! Different than BWN and SIN, AirAsia counter in BKI is not so annoying to check our carry on bags.

I did not have any difficulties in bringing liquid in my Borneo traveling, because I've prepared all travel-pack things such as toothpaste, perfume, contact solution, soap, shampoo etc, all accumulated were less than 100 ml. But when I went to Jakarta last week, I needed to bring some 100 ml perfumes and one face-wash tube 125 ml not from duty-free shops airport, excluding my own liquid things. I had to give up the 125 ml tube, but I brought other liquids and put them inside plastic zipped bags (and praying). I thought one person is only allowed to carry up to 100 ml in TOTAL. But apparently more than 100 ml is OK as long as each item less than 100 ml.

In my last trip with Jetstar airlines, in Changi counter they did not check my carry on bags, but in Soekarno-Hatta Airport Jakarta (CGK) they asked. Or it depends on the counter staff? I did a "Hiding" method, which is approaching check-in without bringing bag, so they wouldn't check the weight (but for liquid they will check inside boarding gate, should not play any tricks for this one). In CGK, apparently they asked for carry on bag to weigh it and patch-up with 'Jetstar' sticker. Then in boarding gate I got nervous, how if they realized that my bag had no 'Jetstar' sticker?

I was lucky, they didn't care. Buuuuut I'd just known that carry on bags in Jetstar is up to 10 kg (not 7 kg like AirAsia)! I shouldn't need to hide my luggage at that time, seriously it did not exceed than 10 kg. I think I will not do this hiding method again. Better to check my luggage's weight first at home. Or just purchase checked in baggage ticket for safe.