07 January 2010

Small Island in Bali Sisterhood

The long journey to get Gili Trawangan: 2 hours drive from Kuta Bali to Padang Bai Harbor, 5 hours by ship from Padang Bai Harbor to Lembar Harbor in Lombok, 1 hour drive from Lembar Harbor to Bangsal, parking the car and taking Cidomo to the port, and 45 minutes by boat to (finally) Gili Trawangan... is worth it. Easy to say that because I was not the one who drove the cars ha-ha. There is a faster and more expensive way to go there from Bali which is by a fast boat, but since we're 11 of us, it's gonna be fun just like we did, rent 2 cars together and experienced this longer trip.

This island is so isolated, perfect place for getaway a while from our problems and daily activities. Snorkeling, diving, lying down on the beach, reading books, cycling around the island, watching sunrise and sunset for some days would be so much heaven. There are many seafood restaurants along the beach, also cafe and pubs for drinkers and partygoers. They said this is a famous place among backpackers. Although foods are quite expensive, but there are many cheap inns (cheap or luxury hotels both are using salty water), renting fee of snorkels, boats and cycles. It's good to travel with many people because we can share accommodation costs and boat renting fee to go snorkeling in the middle of the sea.

Living there is so natural, no mall, no TV, no car, no motorcycle, no glamorous lights, not using electricity too much, but yes for phone signal. One article said this island is the new Ibiza.

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