25 February 2010


Pic From Balinese Hideaways

When you're going for holiday, would you be off, like really really off, from internet?

I am thinking about this after my boss, who just came back to office from his hometown, told me that he intentionally didn't 'touch' internet for 10 days. I was like.. woaahhh, I never stand living without internet for umm... one day! One of the first things I always asked to lodge's staff, before asking about recommendation places, is the password of their wifi. Even when I was on holiday to my hometown, where I do not really need any guidance to going around, I still need to use internet at least for spending time because I got easily bored at home. Sometimes I even signed up for weekly internet service for my blackberry, from one of the providers in my hometown, to still get in touch with all emails and social networking buzzes, without any roaming overseas.

I don't know is it good thing or not, being so deserted from internet in holidays. Some says being offline means you have a life. I think it's worth it to try on my short holiday next month. Guess where I am going! *clue: beaches ;)

21 February 2010

Street Dance Alive

Last night with some friends I went to City Alive, what they called as Singapore's Biggest Street Dance Party, placed in Tracks at Pit Building. I've visited Pit Building before, not for watching F1 of course not my favorite, but for Club 21 big sale *doh*. But this is my first time coming into the Tracks. The floor dance was on that road.

One of the Highlights said in its website is: Big Surprise! City Alive! 2010 will have a big surprise to kick start the party, be on time when the party starts to catch it! When I came in (too on time, cause they're getting late for 30 minutes), there were many people in front of a main bus which is wrapped into DJ station. This crowd looks like ordinary audience....

Suddenly they're dancing in the same move.

18 February 2010

Tributë to Tiësto

I've been listening to Tiësto since 2006, when I was still young, *ahem* in university. He was coming to Jakarta and Bali at that time, and I watched his performance...... ads in local television. The ads was about date and venue of his tour in Indonesia and where to get the tickets, but it's not important because I didn't go to the show. What really important is I just fell in love directly with backsound of the ads. It's supposed to be one of Tiësto tracks, but I didn't know the title. There is no vocal in that song (it's a trance music, what do you expect?!), so I couldn't google the lyric to find its title. I never listened to Tiësto playlists before, that was the first time I heard about his name anyway. So everytime the ads showing in TV, I paid full attention. I love the beat!

I started to listen to his latest album, Just Be, and find which track was the one in the ads. It's called Traffic! Tiësto introduced me to Trance and Disco music, since then I like this kind of music. It feels dark but wrapped in joyfulness. At that time I was in miserable phase of my life where I didn't like anybody and everything in me, it was complicated... I can't describe it well. I know the problem is not going away if I listen to this kind of music, but it just makes me feel that I am not alone, and I could be happy for a while. I used to listen to it when I was sad, makes me high. Weird, isn't it?

06 February 2010

Flowery February

This month....

I like: that I am going home to Jakarta for few days using Chinese New Year holiday. As you may know, Singapore in CNY is a death city: quiet with shopping places are mostly closed. So I am going out this city, plus because I haven't been home for 3 months. It is so blessed that this holiday falls on valentine day, I can be with BF in valentine day, yay! Not that I care with valentine thingy, at least I don't have to spend the day by feeling envy and giving resentful looks to all couples I see on the street.

I don't like: people too skeptical with Microsoft. [Added:] And Apple fanboys *sigh*

I want you to know: that sometimes I mention words wrongly. I said X but what I meant is Y. For example I said River Valley for River Island, and John Mraz for Jason Mraz. Of course I know it is River Island and Jason Mraz, but my tongue just slipped. Oops.

I've planned: to see Calvin Harris at Zouk Singapore, Tiesto next week at Ancol Jakarta, and Backstreet Boys at the end of this month in Suntec City Singapore. More gigs!

I want to say to: all people out there who haven't been in holiday (going back to your hometown is excluded) for few years, pack and go!!

01 February 2010

Cache with the Cat

Heya, I'm still alive!

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Last week I went to the cat city for 3 days. I had booked a cheap hostel before I arrived there. However, in Kuching immigration queuing, I saw an ads about Tunes Hotel. I really had no idea there's Tunes Hotel in Kuching, no traveling sites mention about that hotel, I guess it's kinda new. I never stayed in Tunes though, but I heard the beds and showers are good and we don't have to pay for things we don't need and use, it is a 3 stars hotel with hostel price. I know there's in Bali and Kuala Lumpur, but not in this small city (and apparently there's one in Kota Kinabalu and Penang as well). I tried to call the hotline with no avail and surely charged my roaming phone badly. So, back to the previous plan then, stay in a hostel I booked via telephone few days before (without fee).

When the taxi dropped me and I saw the place from outside: tiny and hidden, even many good reviews about this place in traveling websites but still I decided to walk away and find another place. That was quite terrifying for me since I never find hotel on the spot in my solo traveling before.. I'm in a strange place alone, how if I cannot find a place to stay?! From the map I knew many hotels around there because it's near waterfront of Sarawak River. So yeah, not too faraway from that, I spotted Singgahsana Lodge. I truly recommend this place, it's cozy, clean, having female dorm, nice staffs, and a bar on the rooftop facing the waterfront from apart. Later I realized in-flight magazine of Tiger Airways (flight I took from Singapore to Kuching) also recommends this place. Singgahsana also offers tour packages and transportation to some tourist places out of town.

There is one saying goes: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Since I went alone, surely I couldn't go too far to Sarawak forests, rivers, caves and other wild natural things. But I didn't plan to go around fast either. In fact, I didn't have any plan haha. I just asked the lodge staff where to go in Kuching. To make a long story short, I walked along waterfront and trying local foods in hawker there, took Sarawak River Cruise while watching sunrise and traditional dances, went to Sunday Market where they sell anything. Also as a beach bum I'd like to try all beaches in places I go, so I went to Damai beach and quite disappointing to find the plain beach. Conclusion: special things in Borneo island are the forest, natural park and river, not the beach.

Well it was a nice trip to getaway from hectic Singapore for a while.