25 February 2010


Pic From Balinese Hideaways

When you're going for holiday, would you be off, like really really off, from internet?

I am thinking about this after my boss, who just came back to office from his hometown, told me that he intentionally didn't 'touch' internet for 10 days. I was like.. woaahhh, I never stand living without internet for umm... one day! One of the first things I always asked to lodge's staff, before asking about recommendation places, is the password of their wifi. Even when I was on holiday to my hometown, where I do not really need any guidance to going around, I still need to use internet at least for spending time because I got easily bored at home. Sometimes I even signed up for weekly internet service for my blackberry, from one of the providers in my hometown, to still get in touch with all emails and social networking buzzes, without any roaming overseas.

I don't know is it good thing or not, being so deserted from internet in holidays. Some says being offline means you have a life. I think it's worth it to try on my short holiday next month. Guess where I am going! *clue: beaches ;)


  1. yes, in those days back then when someone is offline for a while from the internet maybe something bad probably happen and you should go look for him... but now if you can't find someone in the internet then probably he has a life :D

  2. hmm.
    i guess, i cannot life without internet. :))