06 February 2010

Flowery February

This month....

I like: that I am going home to Jakarta for few days using Chinese New Year holiday. As you may know, Singapore in CNY is a death city: quiet with shopping places are mostly closed. So I am going out this city, plus because I haven't been home for 3 months. It is so blessed that this holiday falls on valentine day, I can be with BF in valentine day, yay! Not that I care with valentine thingy, at least I don't have to spend the day by feeling envy and giving resentful looks to all couples I see on the street.

I don't like: people too skeptical with Microsoft. [Added:] And Apple fanboys *sigh*

I want you to know: that sometimes I mention words wrongly. I said X but what I meant is Y. For example I said River Valley for River Island, and John Mraz for Jason Mraz. Of course I know it is River Island and Jason Mraz, but my tongue just slipped. Oops.

I've planned: to see Calvin Harris at Zouk Singapore, Tiesto next week at Ancol Jakarta, and Backstreet Boys at the end of this month in Suntec City Singapore. More gigs!

I want to say to: all people out there who haven't been in holiday (going back to your hometown is excluded) for few years, pack and go!!


  1. i'll be patiently waiting for my holiday back home in may... which is still looooong way to go

  2. oh yay!!!!!!!

    guess what? i've bought tix to go to jakarta in march too! i'm going home to kuching in march for my best friend's wedding so i thought, why not visit andhari ahahha.

    yay to BSB & tiesto!!! you're so gonna have fun!

  3. @Christin
    hehehe but once you go home, you stay much loooooonger :D

    wew visit Singapore pleaaase! I've bought tix to Jakarta for April, not March huks. I haven't met Ndee too.

  4. Calvin Harris made me cryyyy! Seriously, seeing him spinning is MAGICAL. He's playing in Bali too if I'm not mistaken.

    ANyhoodle, hell yeaaaa...meet me!

  5. to be honest, i'm using apple. everyone says it was magical and you wont turn back to microsoft and the fact is, i got myself complaint everyday for my lack of knowledge on apple. apple sucks. apple is hype!

    enjoy your holiday, girlie :)

  6. good for you, I envy that!
    for chinese people, we are to be with relatives during CNY, even if it coincides valentine's day... :)

  7. oh wow wow wow, welcome back to Indonesia! Haha... :D

    it sounds like a fun fun fun plan with full of gigs. and yeah, I envy you, I wanna see tiesto too! :| didn't get the chance. geeez.

  8. @Ndee
    Indeed! He's so energetic and playful, love it! I'm his big fan now.

    Thanks dear ;) For me, it is OK for showing what's good in Apple products, but what I don't like is the way they mock other products or people's choices of gadget.

    But you met your GF the day before/after right? Shouldn't you visit your GF's family too in CNY?

    Thanks girl! Actually there are more gigs coming, like KoC and Imogen Heap, but think I need to skip them to avoid being broke or eating Indomie for a month xD