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Street Dance Alive

Last night with some friends I went to City Alive, what they called as Singapore's Biggest Street Dance Party, placed in Tracks at Pit Building. I've visited Pit Building before, not for watching F1 of course not my favorite, but for Club 21 big sale *doh*. But this is my first time coming into the Tracks. The floor dance was on that road.

One of the Highlights said in its website is: Big Surprise! City Alive! 2010 will have a big surprise to kick start the party, be on time when the party starts to catch it! When I came in (too on time, cause they're getting late for 30 minutes), there were many people in front of a main bus which is wrapped into DJ station. This crowd looks like ordinary audience....

Suddenly they're dancing in the same move.

That was the surprise! Then the floor was prepared for Street Dance performed by crew from Japan and Singapore. There's also battle dance between those groups.

After that, DJ asked the audience to participate by showing their street dance skill. Some people hit the floor in turn without any commando, how confident they are!

This street dance euphoria actually only lasted for 1 hour, then it just turned into another usual clubbing party, with DJ Space Cowboy from UK. He's famous as Lady Gaga's DJ. I like Lady Gaga songs but I don't like this DJ spinning, too smashed and messy (I don't know if these are appropriate words for music term). He played Poker Face twice, failed! The next DJ's playing is local DJ Inquisitive, I know this one from Lady Gaga concert last year. This explains a lot why most remixed songs last night are Lady Gaga's, such as Poker Face, Monster and Starstruck.
Groove slam work it back
Filter that baby bump that track
Groove slam work it back
Filter that baby bump that track
Groove slam work it back
Space Cowboy just play that track
He made some spinnings in that part.. Space Cowboy.. Space Cowboy.. I love this song, if it's only not being mashed up by that guy.

Now I'm interested in signing up for hip hop dance class. Any recommendation here in Singapore?


  1. no idea where. ahah! i wont even be able to tell you if there's any here in dublin :p

  2. I know some good courses in Singapore for Latin (e.g Salsa), Indonesian (e.g. Bali) and Indian dance. I guess hip hop is not so popular here.

  3. Join a gym, they offer pretty much lots of fun hiphop classes with simpler choreography :)

  4. I knooow, once I joined Fitness First when I was still in Jakarta, that was my favorite class! I still remember the teacher's name: Kak Bayu :D
    Then in Singapore I'd joined FF again for one year, the one's near my office, but they only had dance class once a week in office hour time, and it was not hiphop. I've quit :D


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