20 March 2010

Park Hopping

I don't like animals, perhaps because of I wasn't being introduced closely to any animals since kid, so I don't get used to them. I don't like cats, I hate dogs, and once a monkey jumped into my lap. I rarely get in touch with any animals (except mosquitoes?). Maybe that's why I rarely visit zoo anywhere (only once visited Taman Safari Bogor), never visited Ragunan when I lived in Jakarta, neither Kebun Binatang Bandung even though my campus was located right next to it. And finally in Singapore I have visited its 3 animal parks: Singapore Zoo - Night Safari - Jurong Bird Park, after living here for almost one and a half year. There is discount if we bought 3 tickets all-together, which we could use in 30 days. Since Singapore Zoo and Night Safari are just few meters away, I went there for one day, and Jurong Bird Park on the other day.

11 March 2010

Once I Had A Robot

To celebrate 2nd anniversary of my bachelor graduation day on March 8th (yeah it is so important for me, I still remember the struggle to finish it, lol), I want to share a little bit about my Final Project, or Thesis, or whatever its name. I just checked my blog postings on two years ago, there isn't any writings about it, so here it is.

At that time, even searching for the inspirations was so hard, it took few months for me to realize what topic I wanted to work on, after I set my mind as simple as: what do I need? I was laying down on my bed, and asking that question to myself, while looking around my messy room: I NEED to clean up my room. If only I have a remote control for each thing inside my room so I could move it from this point to another without moving my ass (yea I am that lazy). If only I have a personal assistant who cleans my room according to my commands without any hurt feelings. So from that, a robot to clean a room!

08 March 2010

Disclosed Kampong Glam

Kampong in Malay means village, and Glam is not from GLAMour as I guessed before but it is referring to trees that grew a lot in this area. It is located near Bugis MRT. I like walking along the peaceful Bussorah street there, a pedestrian mall with old building shops selling souvenirs, halal foods and Arabian things. The great Sultan Mosque stands as the background, quite attract few tourists to visit it because we can hardly find a mosque with dome in Singapore, and this mosque is one of the historical buildings.
Not too far from the mosque, there is Malay Heritage Center which was once being Sultan's palace in the old days. Before British came to Singapore, this country was in authority of Sultan of Johor, but then he made a treaty with British. In exchange, British gave this area for Sultan's residency.
From the outside it looks kinda boring, so I did not go into the museum. In the yard we can find replica of Rumah Gadang (which is traditional house from West Sumatra, Indonesia) and Pinisiq boat (from Bugis, Indonesia). Nothing original, because actually Kampong Glam was the place of Malay and Muslim immigrants.

04 March 2010

Marvelous March

This month....

I like: that The Boy is coming here next week, for 6 days! Oh my God I even never went home to Jakarta for such that long time, I like to save my leave days for traveling to other places :P Anyway, The Boy said he doesn't care wherever we go as long as to see me here (maybe he's just bluffing), but I have already made plan to visit some tourist places here in Lion City I have never been before, and also planning to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with him. I am such an organizer traveler (because I got easily lost), while he is an easy going type. This is gonna be so much lovely... if I could handle what I'm gonna tell you in the next paragraph.

I don't like: that I have a never ending bunch of works to do, with all code bugs and database error logs. Work life is getting harder.

I want you to know: that I love my new perfume so much! Actually I walked around Orchard to look for a particular perfume that my friend in Bali asked for, but I ended up buying thing for myself *giggles*. So there is this small perfume stall in Lucky Plaza where I like to shop (because there is one friendly clerk from Indonesia). I asked him for a women EDP with fruity scent, and I've fallen in love directly with his first choice.

I've planned: to go to Phuket, Thailand, in the end of this month with my friend, and friends of friend. Beaches, here I come! Last time I visited a proper beach was in November.

I want to say to: my little sister who's currently doing thesis in university, Never Give Up! I know this time is hard, but trust me you would miss it when you've been graduated and come to the work life, so enjoy every moment of your last times in college. And don't sleep too much.

02 March 2010

Oh My God They're Back Again

Music I listen to is so random, one day trance music, the next day is.. pop boyband *SCREAM*! I think most people who grew up in 90s, cannot forget the boybands euphoria back then, or more appropriate to say 'Male Vocal Group': they only sing and dance without playing musical instruments. My favorite is Backstreet Boys (BSB), but I admit I know complete lyric of some songs from Boyzone, N'Sync and Westlife. Don't you?! *giggles*

As I wrote here, BSB was coming to Singapore and I was going to see them! The concert was started quite late, about 30 minutes from schedule (but trust me, that is considering 'on time' compare to previous gigs I saw). They opened the show with... Everybody Backstreet's back alright! Accompanying by one DJ, they performed old phenomenon songs like Quit Playin' Games, As Long As You Love Me, I'll Never Break Your Heart, All I Have To Give, The One, Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely, Shape of My Heart, The Call, Larger Than Life, Incomplete, and the ultimate I Want It That Way. They said it was the last song they would perform that night. Then they were gone, but light was still off. Few people started to go out (poor them!), but the rest were still screaming "we want more!"..... and they're back! Only for singing one more song, then the show was completely over. There were also some new songs, we would have noticed which ones new and which ones are old songs by the voices from audience. I hadn't listened to any of their new songs, but they are quite catchy.