04 March 2010

Marvelous March

This month....

I like: that The Boy is coming here next week, for 6 days! Oh my God I even never went home to Jakarta for such that long time, I like to save my leave days for traveling to other places :P Anyway, The Boy said he doesn't care wherever we go as long as to see me here (maybe he's just bluffing), but I have already made plan to visit some tourist places here in Lion City I have never been before, and also planning to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with him. I am such an organizer traveler (because I got easily lost), while he is an easy going type. This is gonna be so much lovely... if I could handle what I'm gonna tell you in the next paragraph.

I don't like: that I have a never ending bunch of works to do, with all code bugs and database error logs. Work life is getting harder.

I want you to know: that I love my new perfume so much! Actually I walked around Orchard to look for a particular perfume that my friend in Bali asked for, but I ended up buying thing for myself *giggles*. So there is this small perfume stall in Lucky Plaza where I like to shop (because there is one friendly clerk from Indonesia). I asked him for a women EDP with fruity scent, and I've fallen in love directly with his first choice.

I've planned: to go to Phuket, Thailand, in the end of this month with my friend, and friends of friend. Beaches, here I come! Last time I visited a proper beach was in November.

I want to say to: my little sister who's currently doing thesis in university, Never Give Up! I know this time is hard, but trust me you would miss it when you've been graduated and come to the work life, so enjoy every moment of your last times in college. And don't sleep too much.


  1. it's time for a piece of me already???


  2. 1. The boy is so sweeeet ♥ lololol. His words are so cute, bluffing or not I don't care, lol. And the touring around the city with him sounds like fun ;D

    2. Hope you'll get all the works done! Yay! So dating time won't be disturbed with works. Eww... for all that I know, coding and friends can give me headache that I'd need a long long sleep after. lol.

    3. Now, I need to find that perfume! I heart fruity scent! :D

    4. Phukeeeeeeeetttt!!! xD I planned to go there too, on August, or something, later. Still do the saving.

    5. Am I your little sister? Because I am writing my thesis right now and I do sleep too much! Hahaha xD okay, I'm not your little sister but I'll pretend that I am just because :P Right, NEVER GIVE UP! Haaahh... *sigh* lol

  3. @Ejanz
    Yea, where's your Pieces?

    The boss has approved my 3 days leave yay I'm going to have a romantic getaway this weekend, xoxo!

    Thankies girl, you too! ;)