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Internet and Mental Health

I found this fascinating quote today:
I have noted in Singapore that there is a tendency to shy away from direct engagement with strangers and to retreat behind a mobile screen and a set of headphones.The Digital Consultant, May 2010 Picture's taken from here.
I feel this, and somehow started to follow the stream, became introvert and solitary. Help?


Originally uploaded by lamcproductions I've been listening to Pitbull since I watched Fast and Furious 4 movie last year. The soundtracks are full of his songs: Blanco, Krazy, etc. Few months later he released his new album, it's also enjoyable! How can we not dance when hearing I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) and Room Service?! No wonder when I heard he's coming to Jakarta this May, I was excited and disappointed at the same time. The concert was held in the middle of the week, I could not take day off to fly to Jakarta from Singapore only to watch Pitbull. Why wasn't he coming to Singapore?! That's when I realized, maybe he IS planning to stop by Singapore as well.

I googled and found an unfamous site stated Pitbull is coming to Jakarta and (yay!) Singapore this May, but no other details about the Singapore one. I guess people in Singapore are less maniac about this Doggy than Jakarta people. Tickets were already sold out in Jakarta, while here's no an…

My Workstation


This is a view of my workstation in office. The cubicle wall is quite high I can't just stick out my head to talk to other fellas on the next cubicle. One cubicle consists of up to 4 stations, mine now is occupied by 3 people. Some cubes have a round table in the middle, for small meeting or lunch. It was usually full of foods or snacks after holiday seasons, when everybody's just back from their hometown or oversea trip and bringing foods to share. But now it is empty. The environment is so quiet, no one shouts or talks loudly from one cubicle to another.

On my desk, there are many cables for a Switcher. It links my monitor, mouse and keyboard with 2 PCs located below my desk, near my feet, so I could easily kick them if they're acting bad. On the back, people come and go behind me, sometimes approach me and see what I am working on without I notice it. It sucks, it's like someone comes in to your room without knocking the door. On the left side I hanged some i…

Take a Peek on Marina Bay Sands

Last Sunday I went to the newly built Marina Bay Sands (MBS) integrated resort, which they call it as Asia's most spectacular entertainment destination.

It was just opened for public last week, even though some parts haven't finished yet. The name said it all, it is located in Marina Bay and built by the well-known casino company, Las Vegas Sands. I've been to Venetian Macao before (one of Sands resorts), and it was spectacular! I still couldn't see yet this MBS can be more spectacular than that, but we'll see later after all construction and development done.

So far they've already had 3 towers hotel, some shops, restaurants and 2-Storey casino. Not like in Macao, here they will check our ID first before coming inside the casino. If you are Singaporean or Permanent Resident, you have to pay S$100 for 24 hours, while foreigners are free. This rule is also applied in casino of Resort World Sentosa (I haven't had chance to go there yet) which is developed by …

Are You Traveling For Souvenirs?

Is there any country you visit without buying its local souvenirs back to home? I know it would be very nice of you to bring back gifts from your trip to friends and families, but that doesn't mean gift is necessary when you have to sacrifice your own traveling schedule. You're busy looking for souvenirs and not enjoying the travel itself.

A: We're going to this place tonight
B: Argh! Me want to join, but I need to buy souvenirs for my colleagues, take the pictures for me 'kay?

That's just stupid. Or maybe it is just me who doesn't get it why people want to skip visiting a place they want to see for buying key chains or shirts for somebody else. I mean, you don't often come to that place (maybe you wouldn't come back again for the rest of your life), yet you let it go.

There is an advertisement of Washington State in one of Natural Geographic Traveler magazines: Come back with stories. Not refrigerator magnets. I think that's a traveler sho…