20 May 2010

My Workstation


This is a view of my workstation in office. The cubicle wall is quite high I can't just stick out my head to talk to other fellas on the next cubicle. One cubicle consists of up to 4 stations, mine now is occupied by 3 people. Some cubes have a round table in the middle, for small meeting or lunch. It was usually full of foods or snacks after holiday seasons, when everybody's just back from their hometown or oversea trip and bringing foods to share. But now it is empty. The environment is so quiet, no one shouts or talks loudly from one cubicle to another.

On my desk, there are many cables for a Switcher. It links my monitor, mouse and keyboard with 2 PCs located below my desk, near my feet, so I could easily kick them if they're acting bad. On the back, people come and go behind me, sometimes approach me and see what I am working on without I notice it. It sucks, it's like someone comes in to your room without knocking the door. On the left side I hanged some inspirational writings decorated with traveling souvenirs I got from friends and myself.

This is not my dream workstation. It's too neat haha! When I was studying in high school and college, I always intentionally made my desk messy. Even though I didn't really study, I just like the idea of working busy. I want: stack of books and paper all over the desk, colleagues come and pass by to discuss important work stuffs (not just for gossiping), phone rings all the time (about work, not wrong number call), there's no wall in front of me, a wall should be behind me.

Well, lunch time is over. Have a good work, everybody!


  1. Yay! Finally someone who has the same thoughts as me! haha... I LOVE my room messy when I'm doing something big (Like now), it makes me feel like I'm indeed doing something BIG, hahahaha...

    now this post reminds me that I wanted to show off to my blog-reader how messy room is during this thesis writing/making time, hahaha

  2. hehehe...kubikel nya asik rik. rada ketutup, kalo bobo ga terlalu kentara :P

  3. i dont have a workstation and i always get shooed away from any ward clerk's workstation. jeez. perhaps they think doctors can telepath blood results from the lab.

  4. @tiara exactly! Like doing something BIG!
    @lely good remark, baru nyadar ternyata ada hikmahnya kubikel ini
    @ejanz lol, your workstation is mobile ;)

  5. OMG I hate when the offices are arranged in a way that people walk behind others back - it's not very good for comfort :|