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Days Lately

Finally not about World Cup, eh! These what I've been up to lately (except World Cup, d'oh!).

Mika concert and River Festival (click the picture to read more)
Another thing is Just Dance! So in the company, we have Recreational Club who organizes fun activities for employees. This month we held a dancing workshop called Just Dance, one free session each for Hip Hop, Club Groove, Salsa and Belly Dance in Dance On Us. Hip Hop, as I expected, was fun! The instructor taught us few movements for one particular song (an MJ song, to commemorate 1 year of his death). It was practically the same like Hip Hop class in Fitness First Pacific Place I usually took every week when I was still in Jakarta. That was my favorite class among others FF classes like Yoga, Body Balance and Body Combat. My favorite instructor was Bayu, I don't know he's still working there or not.

Anyway, this one, as I not expected, was more tiring than in the last times. Besides the fact that I had not prac…

Still about World Cup (from the amateur)

First of all, yay for ENGLAND to be in the Round of 16! I was watching the match with some friends, and one of them hates England. During the match I really wanted to choke him, haha sorry mate :P Then I told The Boy about him, he said "he must be Italian supporters?" Ha, how did he know?!

Apparently there are these interesting facts about football world championship The Boy told me:
"Italian supporters always hate England team, vice versa England fans do not like Italy team. England supporters usually also like Argentina team." Hm interesting, somehow it's proven, on me.

By the way, the picture above was taken when I watched World Cup in Resort World Sentosa: free screening everywhere, big screen, good seats, doorprize(, pole-dancing)!

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Some People are Just Egoist

I started reading and loving Harry Potter since the first printing of its first book from Gramedia (its publisher in Indonesia). Should I be offended by the newbie Harry Potter freaks out there who just started creating a fan group? No!

I started reading and loving Raditya Dika books since the first printing of his first from-blog-to-book that was ON SALE in every bookshop because it didn't sell well in the first year. Should I be offended by his sudden thousands newbie alay fans? No!

I started reading and loving Naked Traveler books since the first printing of her first book, I came to her talkshow that was attended by only few people. Should I be offended by the newbie travelers who just read her book and said "hey, this is a must-read book for travelers, you should have it"? No!

I started using twitter more than two years ago when twitter was still private and peaceful. Should I be offended by the newbie tweeters who claim themselves as Social Media Junkie/Expert or …

What Up!

More World Cup wallpapers here
The World Cup fever is back! I don't like football but I love Euro Cup and World Cup, who doesn't? I always support for England. I started watching these since World Cup 2002, when I was living in Jakarta, influenced by my Dad. He brought home a nice printed schedule from his office. Then me and my little brother became so excited even more than Dad himself. I bought the cassette tape of WC2002 songs (you know, cassette was still popular at that time :P). When England lose, I went to school wearing a black cardigan. Then teacher asked me to put off that jacket during exam time. I still don't see the correlation of exam and jacket.

Two years later, there came Euro Cup 2004. I was living alone in Bandung at that time studying in college. It was already school holiday, so I was free to watch any midnight matches without parents bugging me around to turn off TV and go to sleep. I didn't have a nice printed schedule like in WC2002, then I dre…