06 August 2010

Angkor Rocks


Still from my previous trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, now I put some pictures of me (and my friend, Helen). (If you notice,) I did not put my pictures in previous posts, so here they are. Angkor Wat and its surrounding temples are heaven for taking narcissism pictures!

I really love that place. We watched sunrise in Angkor Wat, went to Angkor Thom (Bayon etc), Ta Phrom (Lara Croft Tomb Raider's scene), watched sunset in Phnom Bakheng, visited Banteuy Srei, had tracking to Kbal Spean and the 1000 Shiva Lingas, and went to other small temples which are SO MANY! I bet an archaeologist will spend few years to finish exploring all those old stuffs.


  1. wuaahh.. nampak eksotis! ada keterangan2 gak sih di candi2 itu? biar kalo dateng bisa tau sejarahnya :p

  2. ga ada, tin. I brought my own guide book, got it free from the hotel. Many local people also sell that books around the temples (be careful, they are so annoying) or in souvenir shops.

  3. Wow the pictures are amazing! I haven't been to those places at all. Very culturally rich!