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Lost in Life

Happy Ied! I just got back from long holiday in my hometown.

It started on September 8th. I still went to work on that day since my flight was at 7.10 PM. I had brought all my baggages to the office, I planned to go directly from office to airport by taxi at 5 PM at the latest. Around 4.45 PM, I approached my boss to report my task (and ask permission to go) but suddenly we had a long discussion and I could not dare to stop it (well, he's the boss!). I was so panic "I'm gonna be late!" but fortunately around 5.15 PM, my boss remembered to ask "what time is your flight?" Me: "Errr.. 7.10 PM". Boss: "Huh? Why are you still here, go go!" Phewww.. thanks a lot, Boss! :D

I ordered taxi via phone and waited at the front gate. Still waiting, I called the customer service to ask why my taxi hadn't come yet. She then tried to call the driver with no avail "the line is busy, Ma'am. But the GPS showing he's already around that st…