07 November 2010

Dance Music Holic

When you like a song so much, you tend to repeat it in your music player many times, and even update your twitter status to the lyric. Like:
And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while. Because girl you're amazing, just the way you are
Nice, right?! But unfortunately my favorite songs mostly have no good lyrics.
Damn Girl!!! Damn, you's a sexy bitch, sexy bitch!
Or no lyric at all.

It is Warp by Steve Aoki, who was one of DJs performed in GO! Avalon At Large last September. He was AWESOME!! I think I like his performance more than Flo Rida on that night. Nevertheless, Flo Rida (I just know recently that it's read as Flow Rider) gave me a big Chupa Chups!!

Ha ha, he has a song called Sugar: my lips like sugar... When he sang that song, he threw this big Chupa Chups to the audience. It ended up in.... not my hands, but a girl in front of me and she just passed it to some people in the back which was me.

And this is my song of the week:

I can't wait for Zouk Out this year! There will be David Guetta (happy birthday! 7th Nov is his birthday) and Tiesto!! Ha, I am going to watch second show of Tiesto this year, hell yeah!

And also Akon, who's singing Sexy Bitch (or Sexy Chick?) featuring David Guetta, will be coming here in the beginning of January 2011!!! Ah I'm such a concert-holic. But don't ask me to come to jazz music concert, I'm gonna be veeeery sleepy during the show.


  1. I love to listen to dance music also, but dunno why I don't like to watch its live performance. I prefer watching jazz live performance :))
    Anyway u're lucky, living in Singapore and seeing so many performance!

  2. like, that sexy bitch song is totally my theme song while driving home from work. HAHA like, i was imagining of murdering some people for being so stupid but that song calm me down, somewhat. :P i like the sexy bitch version more than the sexy chick.

    i mean, like who calls a chick sexy??

  3. LOL! I'd love to have that BIG chupachups! I'll just show it off to all my friends and end up giving it to someone, though. Haha, because I will most definitely get a massive toothache :|

    and and and... I do have the lyric-writing-confusion like you when I am in love with such songs! Haha, I mean... err, their lyrics are either too "naughty" or too... lyric-less, lol. I usually ended up writing #nowplaying. haha xD no fun!

    oh, and I love jazz concert, or orchestra, or... classic, or anything... what? you've got free tickets? GIMME!!! lol ;P

  4. You're gonna be so happy during Akon's show. He's a fantastic performer!:D