04 December 2010

I Left My Heart There

Some places make me want to come back.
Some places are enough to be visited once.
Some places are really not recommended.
But this is the first place I fall in love with.


  1. i fell in love with... urm...

    1) edinburgh
    2) santorini
    3) lanzarote.

    =) i'm such a beach person. except for edinburgh :p

  2. aahh aahh I'm also a beach person. I hope I can go to those places someday, amen! :D

  3. I'm not a fan of Australia but ...Good to know you liked Melbourne!

  4. you know what.. before I went, I didn't expect much for Australia. Booked the tickets just because there was cheap promotion, and some friends asked me. But voila, turned out I like it. I was too focus on going to Europe/US, but apparently Australia is also beautiful :D