18 January 2011

Lee Seung Gi, Nomu Nomu Nomu Chua!

This is so embarrassing, I will ignore my age for the moment. I am once again fascinated by a Korean star!

aaaarhh the Smile Boy *faint*

The last time I had a super-crush on Korean actor like this was more than 3 years ago, after watching Goong S series with Se7en as the main actor. After that, of course I still watched some Korean series, but was never being starstruck like this, until I watched My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (Gumiho) last weekend. I finished all 16 episodes in 2 nights, and directly 'fell in love' with this guy, oh God.

What I mean by super-crush is:
1. Checking his name and biography. Some guys in Korean series I watched, even when they are really cute and I like the stories, I do not too care to know their name.
2. Looking for his pictures. And create a special folder for this.
3. Setting his picture as desktop background. His photo just replaced a wonderful picture of 12 Apostles I took in Melbourne.
4. Checking his videos on Youtube, like movie snapshots, awards, TV shows or ads.
Always like him in suit. Who doesn't like a man in suit?
Surprisingly like Se7en, this guy is a singer-become-actor. So,
5. Downloading all songs from his albums completely. The songs (together with soundtracks of Gumiho series) are being my playlist of the week.
6. Looking for his other TV series, Shining Inheritance, which actually came out before Gumiho.
7. And his nice, cool and romantic character as Cha Dae Woong in Gumiho is still stuck in my head (or my heart?).

I hope he will perform a concert here in Singapore before I lost my obsession about him. Because you know what, I just found out that Se7en actually came here last November. But I do not crush on him anymore, so I do not care.

And now I want to learn Korean language. Any good course in Singapore?

(*) The title meaning: really really really like you