18 March 2011


I can't believe it has been 6 days I am in this other part of the world, time flies so fast when you enjoy it ya. There are a lot to tell even I don't know where to start. From getting lost in translation (because everybody speaks language I don't know at all), seeing many beautiful places almost everyday, until the feeling of working in a new environment and culture with awesome French colleagues.

This is my first business trip ever in about 3 years working experience, because my job doesn't need me to be mobile. That's why I am glad to have the opportunity to learn a new project in the branch office in GĂ©menos, in the Southern France, for about 2 weeks.

Also, this is my first time traveling to Europe. Not exactly to countries I always dream (England, Italy and Greece), but I am happy enough. In this very short time, with my tasks and jobs, I took the opportunity to travel to surrounding cities during the weekends. Last weekend in Paris, this weekend will be in Barcelona, next weekend hope to visit Amsterdam and Brussels (not fixed yet). Not to mention the cool places around Provence where the colleagues took us during lunch or after work.

Two weeks is not a long time, so I want to enjoy every moment of it. Will update again soon, au revoir!


  1. you know you should've come with me, french lit was m majr and I sure will help you! (SHOPPING) hahahaha xD man, I envy you, I wanna be there too!!! I mean, not to study or because I studied the language, but seeing how much you've traveled... I wanna be with you everytime, hahaha... tagging along ;p

  2. This is exciting! Someday I hope to stand where you are in the picture. And if you're stationed in Provence, I've heard it is home to many excellent restaurants.

  3. Lucky! You haven't dreamed about France and Spain?? They are like the best countries we have :) Especially Spain.. Barca is amazing! You'll love it!! Paris, I haven't been since 98 but I really want to visit again. Brussels I've heard is amazing to, totally underrated so you should have something to look forward to! :)

  4. wah, seru sekali.. biztrip nya ke France!! ^^'