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Taking Seoul Metro

Like other big cities, traveling around Seoul is very easy with public transportation, especially with its massive Metro/Subway system. There are about 15 lines of train operated in Seoul and its urban area (more complicated than Singapore), including Airport Railroad from/to Incheon and Gimpo Airports. I always check the map, price, timetable and direction from one station to another station from this site.

Getting to downtown Seoul from Incheon Airport by train is the cheapest mode, depends on the destination but usually will not be above 5,000 Won. However I haven't taken Airport Railroad from/to Incheon before. When I first time arrived here, I was being picked up by a taxi to my home. Taxi from Incheon Airport to downtown Seoul would take about 60,000-75,000 Won. Other alternative is using airport bus about 8,000 Won, and (I heard) it's also convenient.