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Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2011

Looking back at my blog post in January 2011 about how I started to like Lee Seung Gi, who would have thought that I could watch him live this soon!!

Lee Seung Gi is an actor, ads model, reality show host, MC, and singer. Really multi-talented, right?

Seung Gi's current reality show is 1 Night 2 Days (1N2D). The show is about going on a 1 night 2 days trip traveling around Korea, introduce many places and cultural things in a funny way. Lee Seung Gi + Traveling + Funny = the most favorite Korean reality show for me. In this show I can see the real character of Seung Gi. He is a truly charming person, smart, handsome.... okay stop, this list will never end. I also like the other 1N2D members and ex-members. Too bad the show will end on February 2012.

Seung Gi is also hosting a talk show Strong Heart. This one is kinda boring.

Seung Gi's famous dramas are Brilliant Legacy in 2009 and My Girlfriend is Gumiho in 2010 (his drama from where I start to like him). He's probably g…

Uniquely Singapore

Recently I have been involved in Toastmaster. It is an international organization that helps us improve our English, public speaking, communication and leadership skills. There are about 13.000 clubs in the world, including 33 clubs in Korea. If you want to join and to know more about Sinchon Toastmaster Club, you can contact me.

OK, that's not the point of my posting now (but yeah, you can contact me!). Last week in Toastmaster meeting, I did my second speech project about how to Organize Your Speech. I wanted to present something I know and experience very well. I gave a speech about 3 unique things of Singapore.


As you know, Singapore is famous for being one of the cleanest countries in the world, thanks to its government's strict regulations. In the buildings, parks and public transportations, you can find many signs telling people what they shouldn't do and how much they would be fined if they broke the rules. Some rules are common and can be found too in other …

Beast at Yongpyong Korean Wave Concert

I went to Korean Wave Concert last night at Yongpyong Pyeongchang, sponsored by KTO. Full story can be read here in my daily blog. Here some Beast pictures and videos for the fangirls ;)