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Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2011

Looking back at my blog post in January 2011 about how I started to like Lee Seung Gi, who would have thought that I could watch him live this soon!!

Lee Seung Gi is an actor, ads model, reality show host, MC, and singer. Really multi-talented, right?

Seung Gi's current reality show is 1 Night 2 Days (1N2D). The show is about going on a 1 night 2 days trip traveling around Korea, introduce many places and cultural things in a funny way. Lee Seung Gi + Traveling + Funny = the most favorite Korean reality show for me. In this show I can see the real character of Seung Gi. He is a truly charming person, smart, handsome.... okay stop, this list will never end. I also like the other 1N2D members and ex-members. Too bad the show will end on February 2012.

Seung Gi is also hosting a talk show Strong Heart. This one is kinda boring.

Seung Gi's famous dramas are Brilliant Legacy in 2009 and My Girlfriend is Gumiho in 2010 (his drama from where I start to like him). He's probably going to drama again next year.

Seung Gi has been the most favorite model for goods commercials and advertisements. There are too many until I cannot list them. I can find his ads easily in the subways and supermarkets. He's everywhere.

Seung Gi just released his fifth album Tonight in the end of October this year. Hook Entertainment promoted it really well. I am impressed with their 4 episodes of 5 Minutes Broadcasts for this new album. My favorite is Episode 3, showing Tonight song itself.

His annual concerts were held last weekend, Saturday and Sunday (10 and 11 December 2011), in Olympic Park, Seoul, South Korea. I came to the Saturday concert. I arrived 1 hour before the show, didn't care too much with the official merchandise. At that time there was also CNBlue concert going on in the neighbor hall, I almost went to the wrong ticket booth. Not like K-Pop concerts with full of teenagers, Lee Seung Gi concert audience was varied from kids to ahjumma/ahjussi.

Outside the hall

Inside the hall

Urirang yeonaehaja? This paper was put on every seat. We waved it all together during Will You Marry Me song

When he appeared for the first time, singing Slave song, I was tearful... of happiness. Sounds silly, yes, but it's true. The second song was Tonight, my favorite. He greeted the audience and talked many things, but I couldn't understand it. He's a real entertainer, everybody was laughing every time he talked. He is not that kind of singer who acts totally great during singing but awkward when speaking in front of public. He's a good speaker. He can be a great Toastmaster speaker. *huh?

After the first 5 songs of live band, he started singing 2 ballad songs including From Now On I Love You, one of Gumiho drama soundtracks (I like the other soundtrack more, Losing My Mind, but he didn't sing it). Then he danced for Love Time and Ole Ole songs (both are my favorite)! Seung Gi is not like the young K-Pop boybands and artists, he is shy and not really good at dancing. But now he becomes better and better.

Few more songs in acoustic before he got break. IU took place the stage as guest, by performing 2 songs. She is under Loen Entertainment which is the distributor of Seung Gi's new album, I think that's why IU was invited. Before coming to the concert, I only heard about IU becoming the guest of the night. Then suddenly Clover took over the stage!! Clover is a rapper group of 3 persons, one of them is Eun Jiwon, a member of 1N2D. I was suddenly screaming hysterically. It was just perfect, seeing Lee Seung Gi and Eun Jiwon in 1 night! Clover also performed 2 songs: Oppa Whom I Know (my favorite alarm waking song in 1N2D) and La Vida Loca. In Sunday concert, the guest were Koyote (Kim Jongmin's group, a member of 1N2D too) and Teen Top.

I would say Lee Seung Gi concert was full of surprises. He suddenly came up to the stage dancing Salsa!


He also acted funnily by singing Magic Girl by Orange Caramel, a very girly cute song.

With a cute apron -_-

His encore songs were Because You're My Woman (meh, I don't like this song) and Like a Flower (my favorite!!). He was tearful in the last song, made the audience cried too T_T

It was really really amazing (and it would be more amazing if only I could understand what he said during the concert). I opened it with tears, and closed it with tears again. I didn't know that I could be so overwhelmed like this only because of one celebrity. It's beyond happiness, feels like one of my life missions has accomplished. Hmm.. maybe I can include this as my achievements in 2011.
"I climbed a mountain but there are more mountains to climb."
Congratulation, Lee Seung Gi!


  1. Halo Rika, salam kenal yah ^_^ I'm a big fan of Seunggi & Jiwon; jadi seneng banget baca blog kamu, especially post ttg LSGi concert ini. Thank you for sharing =)

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAKK!!!!!! *is envious* *pouts*
    me wanna be there tooooooo... *whines*

  3. @noni salam kenal juga ^^
    @tiara he's so handsome!! xD

  4. Hi...
    Do you know that Seung Gi will hold fan meeting in Jakarta on November 4, 2012? ^^
    You can check or or or

    1. yesss I know! I'm still surprised tho that Fan Meeting only can be that expensive. But I'm looking forward to it :D


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