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Around the World

I've been around the world and I've seen it all

How to visit UK, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Greece, Egypt, Jordania, Tanzania, Iran, Turkey, Morocco, Peru, Mexico, Australia, US, China, Japan, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Korea all in one day? Come to Aiins World, Korea! It is a theme park which displays miniature of famous buildings in the world. Here are some pictures to compare between the real one (on the left side) and its miniature in Aiins World (the right one).

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain
Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sacre Cour in Paris, France

Things I don't Like and I Like About Seoul Subway

Things I Don't Like
Train is coming not so frequently, sometimes 10 minutes!Train often waits for another train passed by, with a lot of stops in the middle of nowhere. The rails should not be connected, right? Why is it difficult for 2 trains walking together on different way?Because of the above facts, there are too many people queuing at the station, especially in Line 2.Most rails often located in the middle, so the passengers need to go up/down the station if they mistakenly go to the wrong way. Worse, some stations required us to go out first to go into the other direction which means our t-money is charged for unnecessary ₩1050.There are street sellers and beggars inside the train, same like Indonesian KRL. Sometimes they forced foreigners to buy his products as the tax for living and visiting Korea.There are not so many escalators available. Elevator is not easy/visible to reach, very old and scary, and sometimes not working. Well I don't mind using stairs, it's als…

List of 2012 Spring Festivals in Korea

Spring has come!

April and May are really good times to travel to South Korea. Why? Because there are many spring festivals going on during these months throughout Korea: from Spring flowers and foods, to cultural and art festivals. Some festivals have already finished since the end of February, but here I am listing the rest of festivals that will be held after this posting (not sorted). I wish I could go to all these festivals, but as you can see there are some festivals held in the same time in different (faraway) locations. I have already decided some interesting festivals I would love to visit. What's yours?

View 2012 Korea Spring Festival in a larger map

Jongmyo Jerye
Location: Seoul
Date: 6 May
The royal ancestral rites, featuring Jeryeak, the royal music, and llmu, the royal dance, are held annually on the first Sunday of May.

Lotus Lantern Festival
Location: Seoul
Dates: 18-20 May
Experience the beauty of traditional Korean art and culture, as light, hanji…