17 April 2012

Things I don't Like and I Like About Seoul Subway

Things I Don't Like
  • Train is coming not so frequently, sometimes 10 minutes!
  • Train often waits for another train passed by, with a lot of stops in the middle of nowhere. The rails should not be connected, right? Why is it difficult for 2 trains walking together on different way?
  • Because of the above facts, there are too many people queuing at the station, especially in Line 2.
  • Most rails often located in the middle, so the passengers need to go up/down the station if they mistakenly go to the wrong way. Worse, some stations required us to go out first to go into the other direction which means our t-money is charged for unnecessary ₩1050.
  • There are street sellers and beggars inside the train, same like Indonesian KRL. Sometimes they forced foreigners to buy his products as the tax for living and visiting Korea.
  • There are not so many escalators available. Elevator is not easy/visible to reach, very old and scary, and sometimes not working. Well I don't mind using stairs, it's also good for me to exercise. But it's very troublesome for my parents (especially my Mom) who are old and cannot walk too long anymore. In a nutshell, Seoul subway is not too friendly for oldies.
  • Young people cannot sit in elders seats even though there's no needy people around.
  • In weekends, the last trains are around 11 pm from each endpoint. Too early!

Things I like
  • When the train passed by Han River bridges, the view is so beautiful
  • Many funny ads (and Lee Seung Gi pictures) even though I don't really understand the meaning
  • Almost all stations have lockers (but no English signs)
  • We can top up credits as low as ₩1000
  • We can buy t-money card easily via vending machine
  • It covers also urban cities outside Seoul, even to Chuncheon which is located in another province (Gangwon-do). Going to Nami Island in Gapyeong is very easy and cheap now.


  1. hi salam kenal... :)
    Mau tanya aja, di Seoul tinggal di daerah mana? kira-kira ada saran untuk yg pertama kali kesana, baiknya tinggal di guest house atau hostel ya?
    Terimakasih :D

    1. Hi! Only for holiday or staying here for couple of months? If it's only for holiday, staying in guesthouse or hostel doesn't matter, it would be just the same, depends on the place. If it's for staying longer, try checking this page :)

  2. hi! stumble upon ur blog when i'm searching some info about MBC Dramia. ^^ been to Korea last year..and i pretty like their subway systems. a bit confusing at start haha and i'm amazed on how disciplined they are..its totally different from my own country..malaysia. LOL. oh yeah..i hate stairs. hahaha

    1. hi Hanie! Thanks for visiting my blog. Well, I think Malaysia is much more disciplined than Indonesia, lol