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Lee Seung Gi's Return

Am I the only one who's crying when watching Return music video (MV) for the first time?

I like the MV more than the song itself. 'Return' is the new song of Lee Seung Gi (LSG) in his new mini album that came out last month. It became number one in many music charts. Well done, Prince Seung Gi! You made a successful Return. He also appeared in Running Man episode 120 and 121, and Gag Concert shows recently. He is also election ambassador for last week Presidential Election in South Korea. I wish I was in Korea at that time, because there were many banners and posters of him in the whole country haha. Rumors say his new drama will also air soon. So excited!

It has been 2 year, and I am still a big fan of him. I didn't come to his Hope Concert (it's still a mystery to me why he named it Hope Concert. Anyone know?) this year, but I hope to watch it and see him again next year.

And it brings back memory to LSG Fan Meeting event in Jakarta last month.