22 January 2013

Udo Island

Still from Jeju series, about my traveling to Jeju Island in July 2012. Many readers asked me about Udo Island. I think this island deserves a separated post.

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How to go to Udo Island?

From Jeju City Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for the East Coast (Dongilju) in platform 4, and get off at Seongsan Port bus stop about 1.5 hours. From Seongsan Port, take ferry for about 15 minutes to one of ports in Udo Island: Cheonjin Port (or also called Udo Port) and Haumokdong Port. Last time the ticket lady gave me ferry tickets that went to Haumokdong Port and came back again from that port. I guess that's the soonest ferry I could get at that time. I don't know what's the difference between those 2 port, but either way the price ticket was the same, 5500 Won including 2 way ferry tickets, Udo Maritime Park entrance ticket and Udo Island ferry terminal entrance ticket. There was no exact hour printed in the ferry tickets (only date), so we're free to take any ferry throughout the day. This ferry was quite big which can also take cars to Udo Island (with additional ticket).

Transportation around Udo Island

Arrived in Haumokdong port of Udo Island, there were many vehicles rental places waiting: bike, scooter and ATV. The price varies among rental stores, so you can bargain it. Usually it would be around 5000 Won/hour for bike, 15000 Won/hour for scooter, 20000 Won/hour for ATV. One of the reasons I would like to visit Udo Island was for scooter-ing around the island, and I heard we did not need driving license in that island. But the owner of rental store I went said I needed driving license to rent a scooter. He suggested me to rent a bike instead, but I refused. I only had 2 hours time, biking around the island (from reviews I read in the internet) would take more than 2 hours.