14 July 2013

Trick Art Museum: Seoul vs Jakarta

Actually this is a little bit related to my previous post: Dapuraya. After looking for peci in other places, we finally decided to buy the one we saw in Pasaraya. When we paid in the cashier, I read a brochure about the benefits of Pasaraya Passport. Remember, I had it after my first visit to Pasaraya before. Other than for collecting points, Passport could be used for discounts in parking fee, and 50% discounts in entering Trick Art Museum in the 7th floor.

I stunned. Entering what? Trick Art Museum, isn't it the one I'd been to in Hongdae, Seoul? It's an exhibition or gallery with tricky paintings. The objects in the paintings looked alive, or you can be part of the paintings. I love to take pictures with this kind of Trick Art, for example: Angel Wings. I definitely will come for a visit next time.

My third visit to Pasaraya was with my sister to specially come to Trick Art Museum. We also went together to Trick Art Museum in Seoul, so she's my partner in crime for this kind of thing.

05 July 2013


It was started when my husband (fiance at that time) and I were buying peci (a moslem hat) for our wedding. One of famous places in Jakarta to look for moslem clothes is Al Madina in Pasaraya Blok M shopping center. After browsing around, we decided to think and search in other places first.

We then had lunch in Dapuraya, Pasaraya Food Court in basement. It was the best Indonesian Authentic food court ever! There were MANY stalls selling unique Indonesian foods, from heavy meals to traditional snacks and deserts. Now they are expanding with Dapuraya 2. I became more excited when I saw Ayam Penyet Ria stall, my favorite Indonesian restaurant when I was living in Singapore. Everytime I had a hard time, Ayam Penyet Ria always could heal me. I immediately ordered the original smash chicken from Ayam Penyet Ria, and Tempe Mendoan from other stall for snack. Authentic, delicious, but not too expensive.

Ayam Penyet Ria

When I paid for the foods in the cashier, the girl offered me to create Pasaraya card for free, only by filling up a form. I like collecting cards, so yeah I took it :p Maybe this card, or they called it Pasaraya Passport, would give me benefits in the future.

Not only the foods, the decoration was also nice. All the stalls had ethnic design. And the best part was the backsound: Indonesian traditional songs. I believe foreigners would love to eat here. This mall, with tagline "The Pride of Indonesia", also selling Indonesian batik clothes in the 4th floor and traditional handicrafts in the 5th floor. It's a little bit pricey but convenient and not too crowded to shop. So, after shopping some souvenirs on the 4th and 5th floor, try the local foods in Dapuraya.

In my second visit to Dapuraya, I ordered Ayam Penyet Ria, Tempe Mendoan (these 2 foods become my must-eats here), Pempek, Es Pisang Ijo (green banana ice), and Bung-eo-ppang (붕어빵)! Bungeoppang is a Korean snack formed as fish filled up with red bean, usually sold during winter. This is a little bit out of concept of Dapuraya. Their tagline is "Authentic Indonesian Kitchen", but they also sell Korean, Japanese, Philippines, Italian and German foods. One disappointed thing during my second visit was they played Adele's songs instead of Indonesian traditional songs :(

Es Pisang Ijo


Dapuraya is surely gonna be my favorite place to eat!